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Add some serious character to any space with contemporary wallpaper in a pattern and color you love. Often featuring rich textures, bold motifs and chic finishes, contemporary style is perfect for creating a modern yet sumptuous look. While you browse for the perfect wallpaper for your home, allow the following design tips to be your guide.

Consider Which Features Matter to You

Not all wallpaper is made the same, so pay attention to what sorts of features a product has before buying. For a chic glam look, you might look for metallic wallpaper that’ll add a touch of sparkle to your space. Textured wallpapers also fit perfectly with a contemporary mood, and will add to a rich, layered look.

If you’re decorating a bathroom, you’ll want to look for moisture-resistant wallpaper. And don’t underestimate the value of seamless installation and removal. If you’re taking on the job yourself, it can be wise to look for peel and stick varieties. In addition, you can find wallpaper that’s removable, to save you a headache down the road.

Express Your Style with a Unique Pattern and Finish

Whether you’re decorating a small, jewel box-like space or looking for modern and contemporary wallpaper to fill a spacious living room, there are a number of patterns and color schemes to choose from. Bold finishes and motifs work well in compact spaces, so you might opt for a large-print, floral wallpaper in your bathroom or bedroom. In a hallway or stairwell, you might use colorful and contemporary geometric wallpaper. In bigger rooms, you’ll want to go with something a bit more subtle to avoid making the space look too busy. For example, you could use a teal or silver wallpaper with a textured design and a slightly metallic finish.