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There’s no doubt that gaming tables make excellent additions to any rec room. The challenge comes when deciding which one to get. Billiards, ping pong, poker and chess tables are only the beginning — you name it, there’s a game table designed specifically for it. To make your decision a little easier, take a minute to evaluate your room and think about which table games you and your family enjoy playing the most.

Since these can be bulky or awkward pieces to fit into your home's layout, consider whether or not you actually have the space for a 10-foot pool table or 12-foot shuffleboard table (and the necessary room to maneuver around them). If not, look for something a little smaller and more manageable, like foosball or air hockey tables. For those that want the casino vibe without the loud noises and crowds, a poker table or card table will surely be a hit with friends and neighbors. If you’re lucky enough to excel at more than one of these activities, a multi-game table is the perfect way to crush your unsuspecting opponents at multiple games without ever having to get up.

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