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Kids' Chairs

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Picking out kids’ furniture can make you want to be young again. With such a variety of fun and cozy sizes, styles, materials and more, it’s easy to forget about safety and making sure your toddler chair actually fits your toddler! Here are some considerations to remember when shopping for your child’s new chair:

How will my kids’ chairs be put to use?

First think about what you and your child want the chair to be used for. Figuring out how many purposes your kids’ chairs need to serve will help you determine the appropriate style, size and materials. Consider specialty styles, too: Beanbags, desk and lounge chairs, and even sofas can all be purchased in a size and style that fit your child!

What size toddler chair will work best for my child?

Choosing the size of a kids’ chair really depends on the age of your child and how long you want it to last. Ideally, you want one that can last for quite a bit of time as your child grows up. At certain ages, however, this isn't always realistic. If you do buy a toddler-size seat, will you be able to use it again or pass it on to someone else?

What material works best for kids’ chairs?

As with any type of children’s furniture, you'll want to make sure the material is durable, comfortable and easy to clean. A white, plush lounge chair might look great in your little one's room, but one spilled glass of chocolate milk and it's destroyed. If you're going with fabric, pick a color and pattern that hide grime rather than highlight it. Cotton is a great fabric choice, too, because it’s easy to spot clean.

Kids’ desk chairs are typically available in wood, plastic or metal, which are all fairly easy to clean. Still, if you opt for a wood, plastic or metal toddler chair, keep safety in mind. You don't want to have any sharp edges, screws, corners or any other hazards on your childrens desk chair that could harm your child.

What kind of kids’ sofa or chair will look good with my decor?

While you want to pick furniture that goes with the overall theme of your home, it's also important to choose something your child will love and cherish. Start by asking your child what he or she wants. You might be surprised — and a compromise might be easier than you think. Encourage certain activities with certain types of chairs. A desk chair at a desk will encourage doing homework and arts and crafts, and a comfy lounge or beanbag chair would be perfect for a reading nook!