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Finding a balance with kids dressers is a tightrope walk. How to determine how much storage you need versus how much space is available may seem obvious, but a kids bedroom also doubles as a playroom, classroom, and basically all activities that occupies the imagination of a kid — and they all need to be able to take place in their own room. The bedroom can’t be weighed down with too much bulky furniture or anything that may obstruct play. Use Houzz to finalize and inspire the decision for your kids dresser, and asking yourself these quick questions beforehand may save you time and money in order to make the dresser decision process easier.

How much should I spend on a childrens dresser?

While children may outgrow their clothes, that doesn’t need to be the case with their dresser. Are you buying this piece as investment to last throughout the entirety of a childhood, or will the dresser temporarily occupy the bedroom of your child before being replaced by a newer model? Answering this question should help determine the price and material of the dresser you ultimately end up purchasing. While a solid oak dresser may be more expensive up-front than a lesser quality piece, consider the amount in the long run that you may spend if you plan on purchasing a new dresser every couple of years.

How big of a dresser do I need?

The amount of storage you need and the number of kids who will use this dresser will help you decide how big of a furniture piece you will need to invest in. Also, how much available space there is will be a major indicator. Take into account their play space and don’t overcrowd their room with too much furniture. Do you want your kids to be able to access all of the drawers and compartments of the dresser? Will it double as a changing table? Would your kids potentially try to climb on top of a tall dresser? Safety, above all else, should be the number one indicator for determining dresser size, followed by the size of the room, and your storage needs.

What style of dresser do I want?

For a toddler dresser that can also double as console table or changing table, a classic stacked drawer style is a good choice. The lower profile is also less likely to overpower a smaller bedroom. Need a dresser to store more than just clothes? Consider a chest of drawers with an open hutch or shelving on top for storing books, toys, and other displayable items of your kids. To anchor a room, an oversized wardrobe or armoire does more than just store a vast amount of clothes and toys. It can serve as a decorative focal point for the entire bedroom. For safety reasons, securely anchor heavy pieces such as these to the floor or wall.