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Mid-Century Modern Coffee Tables

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Playful yet sophisticated, midcentury modern coffee tables are ideal for adding a pop of style and character to any space. They’re typically characterized by short legs that stick out at an angle, natural wood tones and geometric frames. But you can find versions in an array of sizes and finishes to suit your home.

Pick Your Shape

While you search for your new coffee table, think about how large your living room is and what shape will suit the space best. Round midcentury coffee tables are classic and pair well with a chaise lounge chair and sofa; oval versions are another similar option that may fit your room even better. If you’re limited on space, sometimes a long and thin rectangular midcentury modern coffee table can be the best choice.

Refine Your Look

The next step in your search should be figuring out what kind of midcentury look you’re going for. Do you want a table made entirely of wood? Or do you prefer those with glass tops? Walnut midcentury coffee tables can look gorgeous, but medium woods offer a more classic retro look. You can even find versions with a marble top, for a chic contemporary take on midcentury aesthetics.

Consider Your Options

Coffee tables are meant to be functional, so don’t forget to think about what sort of features will make your daily life easier. A midcentury coffee table with storage will help you maintain an uncluttered, minimalist look — so you won’t have to stare at your collection of remotes, books or tablets. Lift-top tables offer even more space to stash your belongings, out of sight and out of mind.