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Novelty Lights

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Channel your inner child with colorful, distinctive novelty lights. The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing which unique lighting fixtures you’ll add to your home, and don’t think they’re appropriate only for children’s rooms, either! Paper lanterns and fairy lights can add a sense of whimsy to the right living room. Decorate a reading nook with Chinese lanterns and let your adventures take flight. Wrap strings of fairy lights around floor lamps, stair banisters or bedposts to create a fantasy-style atmosphere.

A black light, strobe light or lava lamp can punch up the style in your game room or home bar. Don’t forget the home theater, either, where some low mood lighting can make all the difference. A border of string lights or rope lights can also add a luminous effect above eye level without detracting from your movie marathons. Touch lamps are a modern marvel that shouldn’t be overlooked, either. With a simple tap, you can turn them on or off or even dim the light. No more fumbling around in the dark or without your glasses for that pesky knob.

If health and wellness are a concern of yours (and why shouldn’t they be?), you might have heard of the Himalayan salt lamp, which is touted as having several positive properties. For those who haven’t yet been swept up by the salt lamp trend, here’s how they work: These specialty lamps give off a soothing, pinkish-red glow, thanks to the chunks of Himalayan rock salt that surround the bulb inside. The salt is said to give off negative ions, which naturally occur thanks to waterfalls, ocean waves, sunlight and even lightning storms. These negative ions work to neutralize positive ions, which are created by the electronic devices in our homes plus mold, allergens and bacteria. By neutralizing the positive ions, salt lamps are said to create cleaner air inside your home, reduce allergens and possibly even improve your mood. Even if you’re a bit skeptical about these possible positive attributes, a Himalayan salt lamp is still a wonderful way to add mood lighting and an interesting focal piece to your home.

Get funky, have some fun and add some mood lighting to your home with unique novelty lights from our collection.