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Decorative Objects and Figurines

Indian Antique Temple Carving Sculpture Shiva Parvati Vishnu Kalyanam Statue
Indian Antique Temple Carving Sculpture Shiva Parvati Vishnu Kalyanam Statueby Mogul Interior$7,888
This Is an 18c Antique Sculpture of Shiva Parvati Kalyanam.Celestial Wedding - is the iconographical depiction of the wedding of the Hindu deities Shiva and Parvati, BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE carved wood sculpture Shiva and Parvati join hands, accompanied by Vishnu and the yagna is performed by Brahma. The couple, depicted in the center, are accompanied by a host of divinities and other celestial beings. The god Brahma is shown as the officiating priest. Parvati is depicted in the center with Vishnu on the left giving away her hand to Shiva on the right. Parvati's biological father Himavan, instead of Vishnu, is depicted giving away his daughter to Shiva.Various wedding guests are depicted in the scene. Shiva's attendant ganas enjoy the festivities; playing drums or dancing. The vahanas (vehicles) of the couple, Shiva's bull Nandi and Parvati's lion, are sometimes pictured in the scene. In vertical panel depictions, the celestial guests are often shown flying over Shiva and Parvati. While the gods are pictured flying on their respective vahanas (e.g. Indra on his elephant, Agni on a ram) and with their consorts; semi-divine beings like Vidyadharas fly without vehicles Size -6 Ft Standard shipping is curbside delivery via Freight Company on a pallet. Lift gate service will unload the piece from the truck to the ground but you are responsible for bringing your purchase from the truck into your home and you will need help. The freight carriers will not deliver indoors as they are not covered by insurance.White glove delivery is an upgraded delivery service where the goods are delivered indoors by the carrier and the charges are higher so if you would like to select this service please contact us.Read More
Wooden Sovereign of the Seas Masterpiece, 100"
Wooden Sovereign of the Seas Masterpiece, 100"by Handcrafted Nautical Decor$49,999.99
Sold fully assembled Ready for immediate display - Not a model ship kit Historically accurate, featuring bedeck, this museum-quality One of a Kind Masterpiece scale replica tall ship model of the Sovereign of the Seas is built with the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail for Over 12 Years. As the crown jewel and grandest warship in the fleet of England's King Charles I, this fighting tall ship of the line occupies a distinguished place in British naval history. Now her One of a Kind tall ship model may similarly occupy a proud position in your office, home or meeting room from which to display her exquisite beauty. Built from scratch over hundreds of hours by master artisans Accurate scale replica tall ship models of the Sovereign of the Seas Museum Quality features not available on any other tall ship models Over 1,000 individual hull pieces, with more than 100 carved adornments Detailed scrollwork, carvings, beakhead and railed quarter balconies with hand-painting Historically correct sails Extensive rigging with hundreds of single, double and triple deadeyes Realistic lifeboats with oars and numerous other deck features Numerous additional deck details such as cannon balls, barrels, rope coils, cleats, etc. Individual wooden planks used in plank-on-frame hull construction High quality woods include walnut, cherry, birch, teak and rosewood Gun ports actually cut into the hull Amazing Details, including: Planked deck with nail holes Authentic scale lifeboats with oars Wooden staircases ascend aftcastle and forecastle Over 100 individual cannon arm the ship Solid brass cannon fire through actual gun ports Cannonball racks, buckets, barrels, rope coils and other nautical items adorn decksRead More
Sovereign Of The Seas
Sovereign Of The Seasby Old Modern Handicrafts, Inc.$1,345$488(2)
This is museum-quality, fully assembled replica of H.M.S. Sovereign of the Seas, a first-rate ship in the British Royal Navy for more than 50 years in the 1600s. This is anExclusive Editionwhere the model has a unique serial number etched into the hull, which allows us to identify production date, material used and all other production information of a model. Master craftsmen using historical photographs, drawings or original plans meticulously handcraft these highly detailed wood models from scratch. They are built to scale with high-grade wood such as: western red cedar, rosewood, and mahogany. They are 100% hand built individually using plank-on-frame construction method and are similar to the building of actual ships. Each model requires hundreds of hours to finish and must go through a demanding quality control process before leaving the workshop. This magnificent Sovereign of the Seas model features plank on frame, three decks, and three rows of ferocious cannons on each side of the ship. A unique bowsprit design that consists of: brass statues and crafted brass ornaments on the panels. The front bowsprit and three large masts are connected securely using advanced rigging and lines painstakingly knotted and fastened by hand. Each yard has an attached hand-stitched rolled-up sails made of fine linen. Metal anchors and a wooden rudder are visible on the front and rear of the ship. On the deck, there are metal stationed cannons, authentic hand-built lifeboats with ribs and planks, wooden cabin, and many other handcrafted ornaments. There is also an exquisite detailed admiral's quarter on the stern with a beautiful handcrafted metal lantern, amazing metal crafted statues, and many other spectacular brass ornaments. This model comes standard with a solid wood base and brass nameplate. It'll make a perfect gift for home or office decorator, boat enthusiast or passionate collector.Read More
You can add unique visual interest and a bit of character to any room with decorative objects and figurines. Their three dimensional and often small size make them ideal to tuck into nooks and crannies, or for displaying as solo statement pieces. If you frequently entertain guests, consider adding decorative objects that are of interest to you around the house for a great conversation starter. While this type of decor isn’t exactly functional, it can do wonders towards creating an inviting and personality-filled home. With an overwhelming amount of styles and designs available, choosing the right ones can be daunting. Stick to the following tips and you’ll be using decorative letters, vase fillers and figurines like a pro in no time.

What are my decorative object options?

If you name if, there’s a piece of decor to represent it. It’s not hard to find a figurine that resembles a dragon, elephant or any other creature (mythical or real) you can think of. Animals aren’t your thing? There are plenty of other figures, including the ever popular porcelain angels or Buddha statues, to suit your fancy. If you happen to be big on typography, you’re in luck: metal and wooden letters are made in pretty much every size and color imaginable. For those looking for something less literal, abstract shapes in unique finishes are always great eye candy, and decorative balls in various patterns make for excellent bowl and vase fillers. No matter what style speaks to you, don’t be afraid to rotate and swap your trinkets and curiosities. Unlike furniture or wall decor, they can be moved and stored fairly easily, so you don’t have to commit each one to a long term spot.

Where can I use decorative objects in my home?

That’s the beauty of this kind of decor — you can use it anywhere! Spice up your boring old bookcases by interspersing your collectibles and statuettes among novels. Decorate your hearth or mantel with wooden and metal letters that spell out family names or inspiring words. Dust off clear vases and interesting bowls and fill them decorative balls. Line an empty windowsill with delicate fairy or angel figurines. Pretty much any flat surface, like shelves and coffee tables, can be livened up with a simple piece of eye-catching decor. While it is okay to have a variety of decorative objects around your home, be careful not to overdo it; too many knickknacks can start to look kitschy and cluttered. Aim for the carefully curated look instead.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Decorative Objects and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Decorative Objects for sale, from brands like NOVICA, CYAN DESIGN, and Uttermost, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Decorative Objects, like the the Coastal Balls or the Tu-Light ui Ice Blue 22" Glass and Metal Table Art, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Decorative Objects online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.