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Planning on having an outdoor get-together this summer? Whether it’s a family retreat or adults-only getaway, outdoor games can get everyone involved and having fun. Depending on the size of your backyard and your group’s interests, there are dozens of fun outdoor games to choose from.

Sports with no court.
Some of the world’s well-known sports can be adapted to fit in your backyard. Volleyball is one such game — all it requires is a net, a ball and some space to get a game going. If children are playing, try using a beach volleyball instead. Badminton is another sport that can be played in your backyard. Simply set up the net and ready your badminton rackets when the birdie heads your way.

Test your eye-hand coordination.
Some games put a spin on developing your eye-hand coordination. Frisbee and disc golf may seem deceptively easy, but once you start a game you’ll find the challenge is real. Disc golf will require you to add some baskets around your yard to act as goals, but Frisbee can be played anywhere. Except maybe indoors.

Shoot, toss or throw…and score.
If you’re a big fan of outdoor yard games that require you to toss an object into a hole or at a goal post, you should give cornhole a try. With a fairly simple setup that includes a board with holes in it and a set of beanbags, it’s sure to offer a lot of entertainment for all ages. Horseshoes, ladder ball and lawn darts are similar: toss an object at a goal, be it a post, ladder rung or target marked on your lawn.

Age-old favorites.
You don’t have to play croquet with pink flamingos and hedgehogs like Alice and the Red Queen did. Instead, pick up a croquet set, set up your hoops (also known as wickets), then grab your mallet and get gaming. If you have the space, you may want to create a bocce ball court, which requires natural soil or asphalt for optimal play. Similar to bowling, the goal of bocce ball is to get your balls closest to the jack, a smaller ball at the other end of the court. You can even go on the offensive and knock other players’ balls away, making this an engrossing, strategic game.