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When it comes to backyard entertaining, no patio set is complete without an outdoor dining table. They provide the perfect place to share a sit down meal with family and friends, while taking in a little fresh air. Of course you could do this without a proper dining table, but let’s be honest, no one wants to eat on their lap. As an investment piece, you want your patio dining table to be a reliable item that will see many, many years of use, so read on for advice on how to pick the right option for your family.

What’s the best material for outdoor dining tables?

There are plenty of waterproof and weatherproof materials that will fit your style. Wicker and wood are both classic choices, while metal and rattan will give a more contemporary feeling. A teak dining table is always a safe bet, as it’s highly water resistant characteristics keep the wood looking great with minimal maintenance. Marble and glass top options are also popular, since they are easy to wipe clean and dry off. Consider the maintenance level and family safety issues as you make your decision; after all, metal and glass might be dangerous with small children around. With all your outdoor furniture, just be sure it can withstand the typical temperature and moisture fluctuations of your climate, and invest in a durable cover if needed.

How large should patio dining tables be?

The size of your patio dining table is largely dictated by your needs. If you entertain a lot and have the space, a six- to eight-person table might be worth the investment. On the other hand, if you need it primarily for dinner with a family of four, you might want to use the space (and money) elsewhere. Regardless of your needs, be sure to measure your space, and the product you want, before making the purchase. Ensure there is plenty of room to pull chairs out, as well as walking space on every side.