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Finding a place to store your outdoor equipment can be a pain. Hoses don’t want to coil, lawn mowers take up too much space and who knows if it’s even possible to keep your child’s bicycle out of the driveway. If your garage, patio or other outdoor area is lacking storage space, it’s time to take the bull by the horns and make room for these otherwise out of place items. Here are a few outdoor storage cabinet options to help tidy up your space:

A deck box is a simple way to store toys, accessories and even tools and cleaning supplies. Most deck boxes are cased in weather-resistant wood, wicker or plastic so you can be sure they’ll hold up over time. A wooden or wicker style can even play right into your design style. Don’t let the name mislead you, these are great for patios, garages and even yards, too.

Garage shelving and tool storage can transform that pile of odds and ends you banished from the indoors into a well-organized display. You can find garage shelving in numerous sizes and styles, from freestanding units to wall-mounted racks. Tool storage ranges from drawer-filled cabinets to hooks and racks that can easily be mounted onto pegboard or directly onto your walls. Now you’ll never have to wonder where you placed your hammer again.

A hose reel is perhaps the most efficient way to re-coil your hose when you’re done watering your garden or washing the car. As everyone who’s ever tried to tidy up a hose knows, coiling it by hand usually results in annoying kinks and a stubborn hose than wants to only curl a certain way. With a hose reel you can simply wrap your hose around it, or use a crank to let the reel do all the work for you.

If you’re a gardener, a potting bench provides a handy place for you to transplant seedlings and mix your own soil, plus other tasks specific to the care and growing of flowers and vegetables. Most have a work surface at standing height, plus shelves, drawers or cabinets (or a combination of all three) for your soil, tools and pots.

For those that own large equipment they’d rather keep out of sight, such as a lawn mower or even bicycles, a storage shed can provide ample space. Some storage sheds are even fully finished inside and can make a great playhouse for children or even a separate office or relaxation space for adults. Storage buildings range in size and style, so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs and décor.

If you need your tools and equipment to be mobile, you should check out a utility cart. These feature heavy-duty construction and wheels so you can scoot your tools around your garage or workspace easily. Most are made with thick plastic or metal, and some styles are designed to help you carry in groceries or large loads from your car trunk to the house.

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