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A small kitchen is often difficult to furnish — after all, you need plenty of prep space, storage and a dining spot to top it off. If you have a small nook to eat and entertain, a handy bistro table is one way to fit it all in. This small, round table is often taller than other options and has a space-efficient design that caters to most rooms. Also referred to as pub tables or breakfast tables, they pair well with bar stools and can even provide standing alternatives during parties or events.

As you get ready to buy a new breakfast table, here's what you should consider:

What's the difference between a bistro table and a regular breakfast table?

Unlike a breakfast table, which usually seats four or more in the kitchen, a kitchen bistro set is very petite and is only meant to hold two or three. Most of them are round to utilize space, and they are frequently counter-height tables, around 36 inches or higher. Although most require chairs, some can be treated more like standing tables for entertaining. If this is the case, be sure the height is sufficient for this purpose; a pub table should be higher than 40 inches for ease of use.

What materials work well for bistro table and chairs?

These nifty tables come in just about every material, so personal preference dictates this decision more than anything else. If you're going for a retro diner look, you'll want to focus on chrome tables, since those fit the time period well. They are also easy to wipe down and maintain, which is helpful when something gets frequent use. Wood is a popular option for pub tables found in family rooms, game rooms and home bars, while glass gives off a more elegant, traditional feel.

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