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Rocking Chairs

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Not many furniture pieces can create a sense of total relaxation and stress release the way rocking chairs do. Whether it be through the rhythmic rocking or the careful focus on the repetitive motion, the silhouette of a rocking chair alone can add an overall sense of calm to a room. A family rocking chair is a piece that can easily become a treasured family heirloom to be passed through generations. Regardless of your design style preference, whether it be mid century modern or classic Victorian, there is a rocking chair designed tailored to your tastes. As this will be an investment, as well as statement, piece in your home, take time to consider what it is that you are looking for in a rocking chair. In this instance, one size does not fit all, and it would be to your advantage to make some decisions prior to purchase.

Ask yourself these questions before you plan on purchasing a rocking chair for your home:

Where should I place the rocking chair?

While originally designed to be used outdoors, rocking chairs are now used throughout all rooms of the house. If you know where specifically you will be using this chair, it will help you dictate which materials, sizes, and even potential styles that will be suitable for this specific chair. Is this a rocking chair for the porch? Opt for a sturdy wood over an upholstered version to ensure longevity and durability. Comfortable upholstery is a great option for a master suite or library. Is the rocker going to be in squeezed in a tight corner of a den or study, or in an open, airy great room? The size of space will definitely influence the chair you buy as rocking chairs can be major space consumers.

Which type of rocking chair do I want?

Is this chair going to be a decorative accent piece or more of an everyday rocker? Consider the function that it will serve in your home and the durability and comfort that will be required. With it’s stunning silhouette, a rocking chair can replace a sculpture or statue as a corner accent piece. Alternatively, the rocking chair may be the workhorse of your living room furniture set and so it would be wise to purchase one designed to handle that stress and wear of that task.

Are there any additional features that I may want in the chair?

Has your back been feeling sore lately? Maybe it’s a tight shoulder and neck that plague you? Some rocking chairs have been designed specifically to target those problem areas and can be quite an asset. While the design of this style chair is more likely to be sacrificed in order to accommodate and remedy the ailments, the comfort and relief that they may bring can be worthwhile.