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Shelving is a truly useful thing — keep books and magazines in check, display collectibles, store kitchen accessories and tools. You can do all this and more with Shelves, and one of the best things about them is that if you don't like what's on them you can always change it up! Whether you're looking for something eye-catching to make a statement, or simply something function to hold your belongings, shelving will help get the job done.

Bookshelves are perhaps the most functional style of shelf. Most are freestanding, meaning, as long as they fit, you can put them anywhere you need them. Your bookshelf is the perfect place to stack your book and magazine collection, DVDs, CDs and much more. If you’re looking for a clever way to add some style to a bookcase packed with novels, try color coordinating their covers.

Similar to bookcases, display and wall shelves can be used to house books, as well. However, they also make the perfect spot for displaying your collection of antique china plates, a set of figurines, small pieces of art and much more. Your wall shelf may be wall-mounted, meaning it can float above a seating area or in an entryway as a beautiful, customizable centerpiece.

If you’re looking for a spot to store your cookbooks or microwave, a baker’s rack might do the trick. A baker’s rack features an open design, making it perfect for a possibly cramped kitchen. You can use it to store pots and pans, dishes and more, as well, or use it for its original purpose of letting baked goods cool safely.

Sometimes you’re in need of a heavy-duty storage solution. If your garage or workshop is in need of some organization magic, garage shelving might just do the trick. It typically features durable plastic or metal shelves that can be mounted to the wall or tucked into a corner. Here you can store gardening supplies, tools, sports equipment and anything else that’s found its way into your garage.

Work some organization magic with our collection of stylish, durable and versatile shelving units right here on Houzz.