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While piecing together a project allows you full freedom to pick and choose, purchasing a kit gives you the piece of mind that each part will fit perfectly. Along with fitting perfectly, kits offer up a variety of styles and shapes to choose from. While searching for track lighting kits, keep in mind the role you want your track lighting to play. Track lighting kits come in four different styles: standard, monorail, two-circuit monorail and cable track lighting.

• Standard: This is the simplest form of track lighting. It typically features an “L” or a “T” shape and is the easiest of the styles to install.
• Monorail: This style features curved or coiled rails that can also be flexible. These rails are suspended from the ceiling via posts or cables.
• Two-circuit monorail: These track lighting kits are similar to monorail styles, however the lights are run on separate circuits so you can control them with two different switches.
• Cable: This unique style features a light suspended between two tracks of cable.

Find track lighting kits in each of these styles and a variety of finishes and shapes right here on Houzz.