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17 years ago

Hi everyone. I'm a new gardener, and I bought some tuberose bulbs and would like some help with what to do with them. I actually forgot about them in the spare room for a couple of months, they're starting to sprout in their plastic bag. It's just a 1/2-dozen bulbs. I understand they won't winter over in the ground, right? Not even heavily mulched? Actually, that's almost a relief. I have a big, weedy yard, haven't gotten enough of it under control yet to have a place to plant these safely in the ground.... So can I grow them in a pot? How big of a pot would they like? Or is it better to put them in the ground and dig them up at the end of the season? How profusely do they bloom? For how long? I was buying them last summer at the farmer's market, loved to keep them in a vase in my bedroom for sweeeeeet dreams. Oh, and do they like sun or shade, and how much? Anything else I should know?

Thanks, all.


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