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Will Home Depot Cypress Mulch Hurt My Veggies?

14 years ago

This is my first year gardening. I've got Onions, Potatoes and Garlic in the ground, and I just trench-planted some Asparagus. I've got pretty much everything going into 2000 sq feet, plus a separate strawberry patch. Yes, a lot to bite off year one but I need the exercise.

So weeding is not my favorite activity, and plastic/newspapers don't really appeal to me. So I got some Home Depot uncolored shredded Cypress Mulch. I just mulched my onions and around the strawed patch of potatoes, and the path between those and the next stuff thats going in (lettuce/cabbage/beets/carrots in a couple days). I'm planning on mulching that stuff too.

It says this mulch is safe for kids playgrounds, etc. and there are no warnings on it. It doesn't say untreated, but it looks plain.

Is it safe for my veggies? I'm thinking of 'tiny' farming a couple acres organic next year, so I try to keep it natural as possible.

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