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addressing newbie and newer member issues-first draft.

Addressing the NO Email link on their Member Page

Welcome to Garden Web and the Seed Exchange

I thought you might like to know there is no email link on your member page, thus no way to email you.

To set up your email link, just go to the bottom on any page here, and click on Member Pages

Then click on Edit your Personal Information, Page, and Preferences

You will then probably be asked to login in again.

Then check the box Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site.

That will place an email link on your member page, making it handy for members (potential traders/sharers) to easily reach you in the future.. There is no need to hunt up a post to find an email addy.

(Optional)While you are there editing, you might want to place your state abbreviation in the one box provided for the garden zone (and Location). You will find it is often beneficial if members know where you are located......even more so, if/when you maybe want to do some plant trading. It is a postage cost, days in transit, temperature/climate thing to be considered.

Happy Gardening and trading.

(signed)member name, member name abbreviation, or real first name


I will be adding other things here in this thread addressing sase/sasbe/BEAP as well as the importance of putting up a trade list and how to do it. I think Mother Earth News may have sent us a whole bunch of future seed addicts/enablers.

Once these are refined some, I will try and see about getting them in the FAQ here. Then they will be easily accessible for members to get, copy, and paste whatever needs addressed to new/newer members on the board.

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