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Unlikely plant recovery stories

15 years ago

albert_135's story on the yellow-Sansevieria leaf thread ( made me think of this.

I'm looking for stories about plants that overcame seemingly insurmountable odds and survived. Think of the thread like a plant version of those shows Oprah does from time to time: the kid who's run over by a bus three or four times and walks away, or the multiple amputee quadriplegic with dyslexia who nevertheless became an Olympic swimmer. That kind of thing.

So, throw out your stories about the six-foot Ficus that caught fire and was reduced to a single leaf, which came back and is now the centerpiece of your plant collection, or the peace lily that was crushed by rocks but perked right up after a little water, or the Peperomia that got put in the freezer but shook it off.

I realize not everyone will have stories like this, as some people wouldn't bother to try to rehabilitate a plant that had been, say, doused in nail polish remover and then set on fire (something I actually did, once, a long time ago, though it was an accident), but for those who do, have at. I have a (not terribly impressive) story myself, which I'll post eventually.

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