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Sunset Cactus, succulent and bromeliad show

12 years ago

I visited a plant show last weekend that I not previously been to, and was pleasantly surprised what a nice show it was... in Los Angeles in a pretty nice neighborhood... and lots of plants I had not seen in the previous shows in this area (after a while you begin to recognize the same old plants over and over again).... and this show was combined (sort of) with a really nice bromeliad show (one room over) that, in my opinion, was way nicer than the cactus show.. .mostly because there were LOTs of plants I didn't know, as opposed to just a few. Anyway, below there are LOT of photos... hope not too many for those that have cable modems... sorry for those that don't...

Tillandsia laemonianii or something like that (not too good with Tillandsias, sorry)


Tillandsia latifolia


Some Haemanthus species I neglected to photograph the name of.. anyone know this (it is HUGE)


this Hoodia gordonii was one of the overall show winners


Parodia warasii


Gasteraole Shining star (never seen this cultivar before)


Haworthia blackburniae... never seen one this huge! Usually these are just 5-10 wispy leaves, but this plant is pretty old


Pachypodium succulent overall plant show winner (one of about 10)


Rebutia heliosa hybrid


Sanseviearia kirkii Silver Blue overall show winner


Quesnellia mormorata (OK, not a cactus or succulent, nor should it be treated like one... had cool leaves, though)


Haworthia venosa 'Kintaikyou'


Maihueniopsis bonnieae


Sarcocaulon peniculinum


Mammillaria bocasana 'Fred'


Orthophytum gurkenii


Aloe suprafoliata juvenile (another over all show winner)


Dyckia Keswick


Dudleya pachyphytum


Dudleya gnoma


Dudleya campanulata (nicest one I have ever seen)


Dyckia Alvorado (a variegated plant, though hard to tell personally)


Conophytum minimum variety


Dyckia Toothy


Euphorbia esculenta


Dyckia Rose Tips (though I cannot find this to be an official hybrid anywhere)


Ferocactus peninsularis varieg


Euphorbia meloformis


Dudleya traskiae (again, nicest I have ever seen)


Crassula susannae (another big show winner)


Crypthanthus odoratissimus


Euphorbia brevirama


Aeonium tabuliforme side view (this plant is nearly flat)


Agave parrasana 'Fire Ball' a variegated plant... was for sale ... should have bought this one!


Aloe Coral Fire


Gasteraloe Midnight (also known as Black Beauty)


Agave parryi 'pattonii' super nicely variegated


Adromischus cristatus 'Club Foot'


Aeonium sandersiae (super rare species)


Aechmea recurvata Aztec Gold


That's all for now...

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