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Just bought my first Streptocarpus . . .

18 years ago

and I'm wondering where I can find info on their growth habits, etc.

  • Do they grow like AV's?

  • Should they be kept to one "crown", or do they even really have a crown?

  • I read somewhere that each leaf can produce a bloom stalk; is that why there seem to be a couple of new stalks coming up at the edges of the plant, instead of in the center with the others?

  • Why does that one outside leaf droop like it needs water when all the others stand up so proudly?

I've got lots more questions, but I thought I'd try to find a place to read about these before I peppered y'all with the rest. :o) I'm afraid I'm smitten . . . I've only had this plant for a few days, and I've already joined the AGGS! lol

Thanks so much, and grow on,



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