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Trip to Lasting Dreams Daylilies, Photos

11 years ago

Hi All,

Last Sunday, I took a trip out to visit a fellow BADS (Buffalo Area Daylily Society) member, Carol Haj at her daylily nursery. If any of you are going to or at the Nationals, she will be there. Make sure to say hi to her. She's super nice.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I ended up taking a lot of pics! So this is just a sample, there's a whole bunch to check out on the link below. I know some of you like to look at lots of pics : )

Swedish Girl

Can You See Me Now

Cote D'Azure

Dark Tower

Starry Eyed Babe

Baby Blue Eyes, not a good pic, looked really nice in person. I bought this one.

Fun Fling

Peggy Jeffcoat

Red Hot Boom

Hope you enjoyed them,


Here is a link that might be useful: Lasting Dreams Daylilies Photos

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