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Nematode cooking: One of my brighter hairbrained ideas

16 years ago

I was trying to figure out what in the world you would stick a tall hosta in to try to "cook" it if it has foliar nematodes.

As I was doing the laundry and hanging over the tub watching the water fill (I know...get a life)....a lightbulb went on.

I went upstairs and got the meat thermometer and checked the hot water temp as it was coming out - 126 degrees!

There is the magic answer. Fill up the tub of the washer w/ hot water and it would be roomy and tall enough to put those big ones in...shut the lid to keep in the heat and cook!

Plus, when you're finished, just run a cycle empty to clean it out.

Pretty good idea if I do say so myself. LOL


PS Don't forget to shut it off after you fill it or you'll come back to hostas that went thru the spin cycle...not pretty lol

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