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Our First Christmas Village - Suggestions needed

14 years ago

My husband and I received a St. Nicholas Square (Kohls Brand) Christmas Village house a couple of years ago that we never put up....never had the room. This year we decided to start a Christmas village and purchased another St. Nicholas Square piece on ebay that we really liked.

Now that I started looking at Christmas villages I am discovering that there are other village brands...Dept 56, Lemax, and so on. St Nicholas Square doesn't have as many pieces as these other brands and I thought of purchasing some of the other brands but the scale seems totally different. St Nicholas series is much, much larger. The larger scale works better for the people...which I noticed were too large for the smaller scale buildings, but the larger scale buildings take up more space than the smaller scale I will have room for not as many buildings. Is it weird to have a St Nicholas 2 story stone cabin that is 8" tall next to Lemax 8" 3 story city building? To me it would look off. Does anyone else mix and match these brands?

Also should you stick to a general theme? I see Dickens, New England Homes, Ski resorts, City Scapes, etc. Again, maybe I am putting too much thought into this, but a high rise downtown store next to a rural stone cabin just doesn't seem right to me. Should I pick a theme? Small town, farm area, city? Pieces are also dated in different time periods. Again, wouldn't it be weird to have people in Dickens period clothing next to a 1956 car? Or a horse and buggy next to a Tractor?

Maybe I am putting too much thought into it, but to me the best villages I have seen are the ones that look realistic. I guess I am just over whelmed and would like suggestions on how to start my village. Again I have 2 of the St. Nicholas Square pieces. Should I just stick with that brand and that scale? Are some of the Lemax and Dept 56 larger scale that wouldn't look too off to mix and match?

Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.



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