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What's your noisiest kitchen appliance?

14 years ago

Which of your kitchen appliances is the loudest to you? Which is the most bothersome to your family? Does it interfere with your sleep, family entertainment, dinner time, etc.

Consider all of your large appliances such as the dishwasher, wall oven, refrigerator, range, trash compactor, counter top microwave, OTR microwave/speedcook oven, vent hood, etc. Which of these do you wish were quieter? Would you replace that item if you knew for certain that a replacement were significantly quieter? Can you live with a loud appliance, such as a microwave, when it is noisy for only a short time?

And then there are the smaller appliances such as a coffee grinder, all-in-one counter top coffee grinder/brewer, counter mixer/chopper, hand mixer, blender, margarita maker, etc. Obviously, some of these products are hand use only and as a result the length of time they make sound is directly controlled. Other items run at their own pace or cycle on their own so the sound is not always under full control. Which bothers you the most?

My choices...

Major appliance: It had been a toss up between a 10 year old Bosch double wall convection oven and an Advantium OTR speedcook oven we continue to use. We replaced the Bosch with a much quieter Dacor wall oven so now that source of sound is dramatically lower. The Advantium vent fan was much louder before I realized it could be quieted with a piece of insulation placed where the recirculation charcoal filter would be installed. That simple fix lowered the sound level significantly. Still, the Advantium remains the loudest large appliance in the kitchen. Then comes the Dacor wall oven, whereas our new Bosch dishwasher and 10 year old Sub Zero refrigerator are virtually silent.

Small appliance: We bought a Cuisinart DGB-600FR all-in-one coffee grinder/brewer that sounded like a 747 taking off. Our dog wouldn't stop barking when it was operated. We returned it and simply used our previous method of a small Cuisinart coffee grinder and a french press. Then we bought a Bosch/Tassimo system and found it to be wonderfully quiet.

Comments (16)

  • sombreuil_mongrel
    14 years ago

    The loudest has to be the cuisinart burr-type coffee mill. If I made coffee more than once a day, I'd seriously dis-enjoy it.
    The worst ongoing one is the 1000 CFM internal fan Thermador vent hood. it's quite noisy and there's no way to work around it.
    The Advantium is kind of idiosyncratic in its soundscape esp. in speedcook mode, but it's more entertaining than bothersome.
    The convection fan in the monogram dual-fuel pro-style range is really quiet. The Fridge (Jenn-air FD) and DW (Bosch) are also noiseless. The mid-grade Insinkerator is very efficient and quiet, but the next cheaper one (least-costly all SS guts) is terrible and noisy and needs replacing (two sinks, two disposals, and I reused the older cheaper one). The Bosch Axxis clothes washer sounds like a turbocharger spooling up when it goes into the 1200 RPM final spin. And it has a very annoying "I'm done" signal tone that repeats every few minutes for an hour or until turned off. I think that it could be disabled in the menu.

  • zeebee
    14 years ago

    I have an unremodeled kitchen with a harvest gold Whirlpool refrigerator which has to be 20 years old minimum. Its regular running sound is a hum; when I've opened the door and it has to re-cool, it switches to a combination buzz/whir. It also shudders to a stop when it is done re-cooling. Can't wait until we remodel and ditch the fridge; I can't hear the fridge in any other room, but if I'm sitting in the kitchen reading, I put on music to drown out the fridge noise.

  • riverspots
    14 years ago

    Don't know. Can't hear anything over my barking dogs!

  • flseadog
    14 years ago

    LOL, zeebee. We had an old Kenmore that made such a hideous sound that DD called it the shrieking fridge. She said it must have been subject to the same kind of "haunting" as the Shrieking Shack in the Harry Potter movie where the werewolf was hidden during the full moon. Since we had an open floor plan that 25 year old refrigerator could stop conversations 50' away. Any other appliance noise now seems negligible to me.

  • antss
    14 years ago

    blender by far.

    bothersome to family? Well - they don't really love its sound.

    interference? sure but it's for brief spurts and it actually facilitates entertainment and dinners.

    These are kitchen not reading rooms or libraries so I don't expect them to be quiet.

  • monicakm_gw
    14 years ago

    Trash compactor and getting ice from the on the door ice/water fridge.
    Tile floor in open concept kitchen and dining area. If DH is asleep I try to *insulate* the noise of the ice dropping into the glass as much as possible! Not much I can do about the grinding noise as it's being pushed out. Rarely use noisy countertop appliances but the other day I had the Cuisinart blender out and it frightened my one year old granddaughter to tears...bless her heart :( No, I wouldn't spend $1000 on a silent trash compactor. Yes, I'd update my fridge for a MUCH quieter ice dispenser. MW isn't all that bothersome, but I think I'd upgrade that too if it were MUCH quieter. The cooling fan in my KA convection range is a pain but I wouldn't upgrade to get rid of the noise.
    Interesting thread.

  • idrive65
    14 years ago

    Sometimes when we sit down to eat dinner it sounds like we're next to a jet engine what with the ventahood (I leave it running for a bit), oven cooling fan, and convection fan (which I usually forget to turn off). My Bosch dw and fridge are very quiet unless ice cubes are dropping. My coffee maker sounds like a helicopter chop-chop-chopping when it's almost done, but I find that a helpful reminder to open my eyes and get up already. :)

  • cocaty
    14 years ago

    The instant hot! Truly. Whenever DH asks "what's that noise?" - the answer always seems to be the instant hot. Don't know if I would replace it with a different one - but I definitely wouldn't be without one anymore. Love it! DH may be making a little more of the noise than necessary since the instant hot was my folly - not his. Truly everything else is quieter than I thought it would be including the microwave. Not bothersome at all.

  • sean_m
    14 years ago

    Loudest? The fridge's in-door ice dispenser. The solenoid makes a loud thunk when it engages and again when it disengages, not to mention the actual sound of the ice being moved/crushed.

    BUT, the sound I find most objectionable is the fridge running, mainly because the newer fridges run all the time. The ones I have now (Whirlpool side-by-side, Frigidaire Gallery) are reasonably quiet, but they still make audible noise. The fans inside the freezers seem to the the most offending compared to the fans below the fridge and the motorized damper. I've been trying to think of a way to fix this but haven't come up with a viable alternative yet.

  • plllog
    14 years ago

    Noisiest? The stereo.

  • oldcarrot
    14 years ago

    Garbage disposal, followed by trash compactor. ;)

  • jakkom
    14 years ago

    Winner: garbage disposal

    Close runner-up: my piece-of-junk Broan Allure III exhaust fan

  • amirm
    14 years ago

    Our subzero is the noisiest thing in our kitchen. With dual compressors, sitting on top, the noise travels. Hence they reason they didn't get our business for our new house :).

  • mrtimewise
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    How odd, amirm. We've had two Sub Zeros in two homes. Neither made enough noise to hear them unless I pressed my ear to the frame. Both are the older 500 Series...some 10 to 14 years old. Our new Bosch dishwasher is rated at a whisper (all I hear/feel is a slight rumble) and the Sub Zero is quieter.

    It's our Advantium 240 OTR that is the loudest when it's exhaust fan is running - even on the low setting.

    BTW...I've installed all our appliances personally. But that can't be any reason for such a difference, can it?

  • 59 Dodge
    14 years ago

    our cats, they think we in the kitchen to cook them dinner, Have you ever heard a cat quintette?

  • rjr220
    14 years ago

    My 30 y/0 Subzero Freezer and it's mirror twin refrigerator. They are loud. Can't hear someone talking to you from another room, and they run constantly. I do love them, though, and will be needing some intervention when we switch over to a more modern frig next year.