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Anyone with a fake fireplace in older home?

18 years ago

My 1920s bungalow came with a fake fireplace: nice original brick facade and oak mantel, firebox with a fake log lit by a red lightbulb! No chimney, so it was planned just for show. Just wondering how common this was (I'm in Minnesota).

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  • glassquilt
    18 years ago

    My aunt & uncle had a house from the 20's with a fake fireplace. It had a brick face, mantel and fake log - no bulb. There were also stained glass windows on both sides.

  • vjrnts
    18 years ago

    My first house, built in 1929 in Rochester, NY, had a fake fireplace. It may, at one time, have been a gas fireplace. There was a pipe from the top of the "firebox" up through the wall, which presumably vented through the roof, but I never checked it. It was clogged with the debris of ages.

  • lil_geek
    18 years ago

    The farmhouse we are buying has a 'fake' fireplace. Or so everyone in the family has told me (we are purchasing from FH's grandmother, the house has been in the family since 1916 but was built before then)... no visible chimney.

    I was in the attic... and low and behold, a chimney runs inside the house! The top must have been 'chopped' off at somepoint! But it was once a real fireplace!

  • Marcia Thornley
    18 years ago

    Our house was built in the early 30's. We have the same thing. We put an electric woodstove into ours. We love it! Looks real and gives off lots of heat on a chilly evening.

  • Rudebekia
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    mush--thanks for the pictures! I did the same thing, except I found a great British made gas unit that looks like an old-fashioned gas heater. Works great and is vented out like a dryer.

  • mdoats
    18 years ago

    Well, I have a mantel and wooden surround, but there was no attempt to brick out the actual fake fireplace. It's definitely original to the house, since it matches all the other woodwork. It's quirky, but I like it.

  • msafirstein
    18 years ago

    In Chicago most of the bungalows have fake fireplaces. I saw many of these in the Canaryville neighborhood.

    When we were looking at houses, far north suburbs of Chicago, in the late 90's I viewed many homes, built betw 1900-1940 with fake fireplaces.

  • michelle32
    18 years ago

    I live in a suburb of Boston. Most of the houses in my neighborhood were built in the early 1900's and have fake fireplaces. The houses I have seen without them I think had the removed at sometime. We do have a central chimney behind it, but it is not large enough to support an actual fireplace...maybe a gas insert, though.

  • msafirstein
    18 years ago

    Anyone ever own or see the reproduction cast fire fireplaces?

    I am thinking of putting 1 in our den/homeoffice/bonus room with an electric coal basket. The room is not that large, 11'by18' with a large bay at 1 end. I was thinking to put a small fireplace to fit on the 11' wall and of course there is no chimney on this interior wall.

    I have never had an electric FP before and am a bit worried it might look too fabricated.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Grand Fireplace

  • Benjamin Maller
    last year

    The bungalow I just bought from 1924 had one.