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cabot ato mahogany flame changed!

June 29, 2011

i am very disappointed.cabot changed the ATO oil[mahogany flame]to water based.

non water based last year was like a redwood color in can.

this stuff is like orange color.

same name on can.new stuff has blue lid.

i took a little on rag and wiped it on my IPE WOOD.

it came out very dark,you could almost not see grain in wood.

i am doing my deck on thursday.

will report back on what it looks like but as of now, I THINK THIS IS END OF ATO OIL FROM CABOTS.

sad that they did this,prior mahognany flame oil was beautiful.

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  • mjh5


    The oil based ATO, 9400 series is still available everywhere except California which requires VOC to be less than 250 grams. Lowe's only carries the blue lid, water cleanup, lower VOC product. They could probably order the 9400 series for you or you could get it from an independent retailer.

    Over at The Grime Scene, which is a website for professional pressure washers, many pros are speaking highly of stain from Armstrong Clark which has a color that looks just like the old Mahogany Flame.

    If you are worried that the ATO you have used in the past will disappear, which could happen if VOC requirements drop further, then I suggest buying a few extra gallons. Cabots says unopened they are good for 10 years.


  • commanche

    thanks marty.
    here is what happened.
    i used the ATO mahognany flame today on my ipe wood.
    no. is 19459.bought it at lowes.

    after opening can it looks almost like orange color.
    very little smell.
    cleans up with water/soap.

    this stuff goes on a lot easier than the 9400 ato.
    it does not seem to fly all over and no drips from your pad .
    it does not show the lap marks as much as the 9400 did.you dont have to keep going over it like the 9400 to keep it from being to thick etc.
    it does not stay sticky like 9400 does for days.
    applied it at 6/8 am and it was dry at 7pm in full sun.

    9400 would take days and sometimes was tacky for longtime.


    color you have to get use too.its like bright orange color in a way.seems most of ipe boards all shine with same color.

    9400 seemed to be darker and shows darker type of wood.
    my deck is BRIGHT.
    I KIND of like it in a way ,BRIGHT vrs DARK .

    no doubt this stuff is more USER FREINDLY.9400 is messy and you have to make sure your coverage is real light or it will stay tacky.

    the new 19459,you can put it on thick,move it along and it drys in 1 day.

    you can do that with 9400.

    when you first put it on,IT LOOKS AWFUL.
    after it drys it looks much better and you are surprised.
    i was.
    but color you have to get used too. its BRIGHT,VERY BRIGHT not like 9400 flame .

    so i guess i like it after the color wears on me a little.

    when i use 9400 each ipe board had its own color character.
    this stuff,19459 most of ipe boards will be same,very bright and more of orangish stain color than a redwood type color you get with 9400.

    so, i like way it went on and clean up. no doubt this stuff is for homeowner that DOES NOT WANT MESS AND WANTS IPE TO DRY IN 1 DAY.

    9400 is much harder to use and does get DARK as the months go on.

    i am curious what this new flame color will turn to over next few months.

  • mjh5


    What kind of prep did you do before applying the stain? Had the previous stain worn away completely? I think the color and darkness is affected by how much previous stain was still there and whether you use a brightener as part of the prep.

    Can you post some photos? I'd like to see what the new ATO looks like.


  • commanche

    marty,i used DRAINO to remove the old 9400 ATO.then i used deck brightner from lowes to nuetral it.
    old 9400 gets so DARK you have to remove it to put on new finish.
    then i used pressure washer .to get lap marks from pressure washer off i went back /forth first time,THEN went other way.

    THIS REMOVED THE WASHER MARKS SO I DID NOT HAVE TO SAND.i think it helps stain sink in better on ipe WOOD IF YOU DONT HAVE SAND.

    this NEW ato is BRIGHTER.cabots told me its DARKER. its not ,9400 is much darker.this stain is bright.

    i like it so far. it dried in 12 hrs in sun.maybe longer if you are in shade but old 9400 would take week or more to dry and a real tough time to work it .

    this stuff is EASY .clean up is nice.if you spill it, easy to get up.
    i had a heck of time getting 9400 off my siding.
    this new stuff came right off with soap/water.
    it does not SPLASH around like 9400 did.does not drip.

    so far, i like it but its BRIGHTER than 9400 was.it does not have that DARK RICH look the 9400 did.it has brighter fresh look .

    i got feeling i may not have to strip it next year with this new stuff. but dont know, just a feeling.

    9400 would get almost BLACK after year then start turning silver.
    this stuff seems to not be as THICK as the 9400 was?

    i dont know how to do pic on here.i have camewra but dont know how to put pic on.
    if you PM and steer me how to do it, i will put a pic on here.

    take care jim

  • commanche

    new cabots MF i noticed today it does not bead up water like 9400 did.9400 looked like car with new wax applied.
    this new stuff puddles on top with no beading.
    i only put on 1 coat like can said .

  • mjh5

    Water beading up is not a good indicator of how well a stain will protect a deck. It's normal for a stain to bead up initially and then stop beading up. Some stains have paraffin wax that makes them bead up more. The oil in a stain penetrates the wood and prevents moisture from entering. In any case none of this is important for an Ipe deck which will last a lifetime with or without a stain. The issue with Ipe is finding a stain that will last more than one year.


  • commanche

    i tried to paint screw heads on my ipe deck with brown fingernail polish, i gave up.paint on screw heads wore off a lot of screws in last 4 years.
    with 9400 stain, it turned the screw heads dark but this new stain,it did not.
    so i have shiny screw heads all over deck.

    any ideas on that one.

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