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Fixing water problem by pouring concrete around house?

8 years ago

I just posted this on a longer thread I have in the Buying/Selling forum, but it seems to fit better on this forum.

My husband and I have an old house with a brick foundation and there is a water problem in the basement. I uploaded some pictures of the problem areas to my pinterest since I can only upload one picture onto this actual thread. Here are all of the pictures of the deck and basement:

Last week we had a company come out who specializes in structural and foundation repairs, including water intrusion. Fortunately he didn't see any problems with our foundation, however he confirmed that our deck was indeed built on top of an open hole into our basement and "sealed" with foam insulation board and stupid spray foam. I still can't BELIEVE those freaking idiots did that. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING and how did they get away with it??????

He gave us a very nice plan (it seems to be, anyway) for about $7500.

1) Install new window well to prevent further water intrusion from that area (this is an obvious and easy fix)

2) Wall off room under deck using cinderblocks, remove deck from above, fill room with gravel

3) Grade ground away from house (all around perimeter of back of house)

4) Install 6mil plastic on top of gravel and pour more gravel on top to help with water shedding

5) Pour 2' cement slab all around back perimeter of house (from corner of bedroom to corner of kitchen)

6) Pour 8'x12' cement patio in place of deck

7) redirect and bury sump pump line underground

8) Install 7" gutter on back of house and direct into ground (large PVC 90degree pipe) into large black pipe

9) Run gutter pipe and sump pump lines into hole from our fish pond that we just dismantled

  1. Fill fish pond with gravel and top with soil

I would be much happier with a cement patio than the wood deck because they didn't have the foresight to create a roof over the whole deck so that the part that is exposed to the elements is very weathered and dangerously slippery in the rain. The wood window that is right there (to the kitchen) also has no protection from the elements and we recently had to have the entire thing (including the wood storm window) removed and restored.

What do you guys think about this plan? Are there problems with a cement patio that I'm not foreseeing? I think this plan would solve our water problems 99.9%, if not 100%.

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