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Boxerpups-cherry cabinet pictures

13 years ago

How did you pull only pictures of cherry cabinet pictures with wood floors? I am trying to decide on granite for cherry cabinets, but a have a light stone tile floor. My island is also cherry but debating on whether to paint it black or light, similar to the floor. Many pics of cherry cabinets but with a wood floor out there. Any ideas?

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  • boxerpups
    13 years ago

    Hi Sue15c,

    I am a tiny bit confused. Do you want,
    Pictures of cherry with tile?
    Pictures of cherry with wood floors?

    Since I think you already saw pictures of Cherry with wood.
    How about I post some cherry with tile floors and if you
    need more I can add them for you.
    Did you want dark or light or medium stained Cherry?
    Oh and to answer your question, how do I do this?
    I think it is a love for kitchens and one of those
    weird visual memories.

    As for which kind of granite to use for your space?
    I am finding I really like light granite lately. NOt
    sure why but the light granite with cherry just looks
    stunning to me.

    Daniel MacKey Contrstuction California

    Zigler Construction

    St. Louis Magazine

    Golden Valley granite

    Wine Writer Magazine

    Kitchen 60

    MLS Image

    Reno Lighting

    Honed Ubatuba granite from 4 stone granite company

    Wenham Kitchen Designs

    Yellow river granite island fruit wood

    The Sexy Kitchen

  • sue15c
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Thank you for responding so quickly. I have been looking at granite and kitchen ideas for weeks. I came upon your ideas for cherry with wood and tried to pull them from FKB but was unsuccessful. Need to make a decision today or tomarrow. Kitchen cabs are about the color of some of your photos-wine writer mag, reno lighting and mls image. Stone tile floor is light, mat finish whitish tan color. Any idea which granites were used in those photos? My kitchen faces west so it is darker in am than lots of sun from 4pm on. Considered black but may darken room plus do not want high maintainence stone - ie. fingerprints, dust, smearing etc. Keep going back to Sante Cecelia dark. Trying to pull carmel color for cabs and light for floor. What do you think of painted island color - oyster, black or light gold? Wanted to use gold on walls and maybe faux paint the hood similar color.

  • boxerpups
    13 years ago

    I tend to agree with you that a dark granite it
    going to make the room too dark.
    There are some granites in the creamy, golden colors
    that would really go great with your floors and the
    medium warm stain of your cherry cabinets.

    A painted island would be super. You could use the black
    here or even oyster or beige. Find a color from the
    stone you end up choosing. Perhaps a granite with a
    little movement and on the lighter color side.
    Here are some ideas...

    Southern Living

    Bianco Romano granite

    Bianco Romano granite (this said BR but I think it is
    something different)

    Golden Beaches

    Cream Bordeaux

    Copper Canyon

    Copper Canyon

    yellow River


    Royal Cream has just a tiny bit of gray but this
    can really compliment the golden cherry

    Shiva Cream Granite

    Colonial Cream

    Sage Brush

  • dlr98004
    13 years ago

    This is a fantastic link for those of us with cherry cabinets! We see so many white inspirational kitchens and not nearly as many cherry inspirational kitchens - thanks! Can we get these put into the FKB?

  • sue15c
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Thanks for all the great visuals. I think I am going to go light on the island base, maybe even with some gold tones. Golden beach granite has been my favorite, but it is pricey. Copper Canyon I haven't seen, but in same price range. Sage brush NA here. That pic with BR that you thought wasn't BR was nice too. One issue is cost and also my husband is not to wild about really wild patterns, which I love! What do you think of Sante Cecelia dark (has more color) or portifino (not green, giallo portifino maybe gold)? Reminds me of S. Cecelia.

  • pudgybaby
    13 years ago

    I'm considering colonial gold with my natural cherry cabs. I like the way it's nearly white but with the brown/red spots that match the cabinets too. I've linked a picture, but the kitchen has wood floors.

    I have santa cecelia in my master bath with expresso cabinets and the dark spots in it match the cabinets perfectly - kind of chocolate colored. The santa cecelia doesn't look great with my natural cherry sample door, but maybe your cabs are darker? Or maybe the santa cecelia that you saw has lighter browns.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Cherry with colonial gold