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Bugs on my gardenia!

7 years ago

Help! I have had this gardenia for a couple months now, and since I have had it it has gone from shiny and healthy to full, droopy, and sad. Leaves are turning yellow, the buds are turning brown at the base. I recently discovered these white bugs on it, what do I do?

Currently it is sitting in front of a south facing window where it gets plenty of light. I have mixed a fertilizer for acid loving plants into the soil, and water whenever it feels dry, every couple days. I live in Las Vegas where the air is very dry, and I know gardenias love humidity so I have been keeping a tray of water under it (though not directly touching the base of the pot to it gets overwatered or moldy) to try to create more humidity around the plant.

Any help to save my gardenia would be appreciated!

Comments (2)

  • jean001a
    7 years ago

    The loss of flower buds is a different issue than the critters.

    As for the buds, is this plant indoors or outdoors? And if it's outdoors, are you watering overhead, or is it raining?

    Difficult to tell what the critters are. Mealybugs are quite common on gardenias.

    Direct hits of insecticidal soap work well when repeated according to label directions. Even though this is a very safe insecticide to use, take the plant outdoors before you spray it.

    If you take the critters to a knowledgeable source to verify the ID and treatment, first secure them in a clear container such as a small glass jar.

    Your county's Extension Service office is one good choice. Locate your county's office with this map: 

  • zzackey
    7 years ago

    My first thought is mealybugs. Can you hose them off in your shower or dab them off with a wet Q-tip?