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Andersen 100 vs. E Series windows new build resale value/opinions?

6 years ago

I've learned far more about windows than I ever hoped to but there is a first time for everything!

We have a custom Seattle new build with 38 windows + four, 4 panel Panoramic doors planned (332 sq ft) and are set on the brand, however they are currently a U value of .32 when the goal is .30 max for whole house windows.

We were also set on Andersen E Series (aluminum exterior black, interior black painted pine frame) however we need to get to a max 30 overall. Architect advises vinyl but I can't wrap the quality/look to the overall house investment on vinyl.

Yes, I can spend another $3k+ to get to the U value with the E series, but the question is whether it is worth it.

All are double pane, argon filled.

The 100 series have a lower U value (only 8 out of the 38 at this time) than E series which leads me to the questions at hand:

1. For resale value, do consumers appreciate wood interior frame vs. composite when it comes to maintenance, look, etc.?

2. Is it a non-issue given the low maintenance and performance of a composite U value, thermal break etc.? (I see aluminum double frames that still have a thermal sweat problem -- unsightly and looks like an inferior product given Seattle weather).

3. As a homeowner here, did you ever pass on a beautiful custom built 3500 sq ft home because windows were composite?

4. Any other experiences or tips?

Any feedback from homeowners or pros on this issue would be very much appreciated!


first time "windower" for new build :)

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