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Prep sink beside cooktop or on island across from cooktop?

last year

We are making very preliminary plans aka "dreaming" about a new home. The kitchen will have a small island- 4' by 3'- located between the exterior wall/kitchen sink and the interior wall 36" cooktop/counter. The counters on either side of the stovetop are 42" long.

I would like a 15" meal prep sink, in addition to a "dish and pot washing" kitchen sink. I would use it to fill and empty pots, and prep veggies/meat. I'm waffling between the choices of having this prep sink located on the island, across from the stovetop OR putting it on one of the counters beside the stovetop.

The plus side of the prep sink being on the same counter, beside the stovetop, is that the entire surface of the island could be used for baking prep or other prep. Also, there would be no floor between the sink and stove, in case of drips, etc. However, on Houzz, I have only found a couple of photos of prep sinks beside a stovetop, as most are located on an island across from the stovetop.

Which works best? A prep sink beside a cooktop or on an island across from the cooktop?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for your comments in advance.

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