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Another lush Grocery store Gardenia in buds-Best way to handle

3 months ago

This is my umpteenth attempt at potted gardenia growing...I know that no matter how lush and full of fat buds one gets them from the grocery store, the buds would generally fail to grow and bloom no matter how mush one fusses over them with right amount light temperature water......I know they like sunny but cool conditions, good humidity, moist but well draining mix...They also do not like being moved around, windy location, sudden change in conditions- temperature/light...

My most successful attempt so far was to root cuttings in water, transition them to perlite and then to 5:1:1 mix. They were alive and growing slowly and had even made a bud or two by the middle of winter (they died of dehydration while I was away for longer than their water reservoir lasted.

Back to the issue at hand. As usual these are very healthy plants in bud, good nice white roots growing out of 6 inch plastic pot but several of them in that one pot and in a mix which looks like pretty much 10% peat or such with rice husk for a mulch. There was one rotted at base fallen bud at the base so it is clear that things can go pear shaped fast.

What is the best way to make these plants thrive in the short term and long term. I vey much want those buds to grow and bloom before I do something drastic. For now, I have taken it out of the 6 inch plastic pot, removed the mulch and up potted (as opposed to removing the peaty media- there is a somewhat tangled but healthy root system that I have not disturbed too much for fear of losing the buds) it in an 8 inch terracotta pot in a 5:1:1 mix (pine bark:perlite:peat plus garden lime and some ironite) watered with see weed extract mixed water and placed outside on the balcony (it was 70s today will het to 50 by tomorrow morning.

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