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When to just remove a rose plant

I have two or three roses that have gotten a fungus on the canes. I'm guessing black spot? If all the canes have it do you recommend removing the plant? i have learned so much in the last 4 years and love this site and the wisdom here!!! The picture I am posting is a 4 year old Chrysler Imperial. it has only this one cane that is bumpy and sick but the leaves look fine so far? Tell me should I remove it? I would rather remove it if its gonna share the disease with my others! I just bought 11 David Austins!!!! I am so excited about them! Love the Gardener Ben on You tube! I live in cumberland Maryland lots of clay soil,, Idig big holes for them! This guy i have been so hard on hes been one of my first i over pruned and made a lot of mistskes on him! the new growth you see in the lower part of the pick is on the sick cane as well it has no healthy canes just the one sick one! This is a grafted rose . one close up of cane and one whole shot!

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