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Kevin Clarke

Great article.

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Mark Cochran

#4 was my favorite. Work is stressful and having a sanctuary like this is everything. (Of course lighting and space planning as well as storage is key. ) 😀

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My life improved immeasurably when I purchased a (real) Aeron chair (with all the adjustments). It sit in it for hours working every day.

I am an ophthalmologist. Aging eyes experience much more glare than younger eyes, and facing an open window can be quite uncomfortable. I think better advice than facing a window is arranging screens to avoid such glare sources and instead go outside for 10-15 minutes every hour or two.

My printer is wireless and sits on a shelf in a closet in my study (a former bedroom).

Ergonomic desks for computers and keyboards are also a must.

These days one can buy all manor of beautiful office furniture (any style, highly efficient) used, as many offices have greatly downsized. Used pricing can be an enormous bargain and one can find items in almost new condition.

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