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For those who spend a good amount of time at their desk, shopping for desk accessories is no trifle matter. From sentimental trinkets that yield fond memories for daydreaming to utilitarian pieces that successfully tackle a mountain of clutter, the right supplies can keep you working and motivated. When thinking about accessorizing your own desk, consider:

How can I organize and streamline my desk for productivity?

Do you find yourself shuffling through your things to find that elusive pen or pencil? How about when you need to make a last-minute note to yourself? Consider a desk organizer for your drawer or a cup for your pens. A magnet board or cork board can be useful if you need to pin any outstanding reminders. You might also be forgetting some basics ranging from a tissue box to a bottle of aspirin or a wastebasket. Leaving a decorative plate for dropping your keys, cell phone or loose change can also be surprisingly helpful for a quick dash to run errands. A magazine rack, shelf organizer, or filing cabinet would also be a good foundation for getting those stacks of paper in working order.

How can I accommodate piles of paperwork?

Classic desk accessories for this include a filing cabinet or hanging file frames. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a bookcase if your stacks of paper are starting to look quite comical on your desk., especially if you can’t easily migrate to a digital life.

What office accessories will make my desk more comfortable?

Is the lighting too harsh for your taste? Invest in a desk lamp for a personal flair that would also make working late nights a smidgen more pleasant. A proper mouse and mouse pad can also make a huge difference in your physical comfort at the end of a work day. Consider a desk riser if you find yourself hunching over your monitor in discomfort, or a charger organizer to get all of your electronics sorted out. Set an example for your office and be the burst of color it needs should it need one. This can mean bringing in fresh plants and cacti or even adding a bowl of candy for coworkers stopping by.

How can I decorate my desk?

A loving and standard go-to for your desk can be a picture frame or a desk calendar, but you can also include a unique piece of art or a Rubik’s cube to fiddle with your hands when deep in thought. Consider adding small toys and stress balls or a colorful metal water bottle for practicality with personality. Add stationery with your letterhead or an interesting business card holder for your clients. For more client-oriented decor, try upgrading your desk accessories with leather or wood-based materials such as a leather desk pad. A matching set of desk items can also give your desk a clean look.