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Although a desk is often the go-to home office staple, there is a wide selection of computer furniture to choose from. Whether you have a laptop and just need a laptop stand, or a desktop in need of a computer armoire, computer storage comes in many sizes and styles to accommodate your needs.

Do I need a computer armoire or laptop stand?

The size and type of computer furniture you purchase depends on the type of computer you have. A desktop computer is bulkier and therefore requires more dedicated space, which is why you need a computer armoire, desk or larger computer stand. A laptop is small and easily transportable, so a rolling computer cart or small laptop stand ensures your computer is always on hand.

What style laptop stand or computer stand should I buy?

Seek out a style that complements the overall theme of your décor. Heavy, sturdy wood units are seen as more traditional, though adding metal elements can quickly turn it industrial or contemporary. All steel or metal pieces give off a sleek, trendy feel, while glass can be both traditional or contemporary, depending on the overall design. Plastic or acrylic is less popular, though it is commonly seen in modern decor. The style you end up with also depends on your budget; wood pieces are often very affordable, while glass and metal especially can be more expensive.