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Great Oak Studio Architecture

I've been mowing leaves into my lawn with a mulching blade for the last 12 seasons. My lawn is as green as ever, and I have not bought a bag o f chemicals since I started mulching. My neighborhood has no public water, only individual wells. I mulch leaves not only for the composting benefits, but to keep chemicals out of my well water.

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If it works for you go for it. My experience has been that the more acidic the lawn becomes the more weeds I have. The organic matter turns the soil more acidic - if I want a weed-free lawn I apply lime. i decided I like the diversity and am slowly turning the yard over to prairie as much as possible - why fight nature? I collect the leaves and use them in the vegetable garden.

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Webado Webada

You may have something there concerning weeds and leaves left on the lawn. I have destroyed my lawn before by not raking off the leaves in the fall. To be fair it's nearly impossible to get all the leaves since many fall very late in the fall at a time when we have a lot of rain and even snow, so it's not possible to mow them or rake them, even less to use a blower as they are all soggy.

Right now I'm waiting for the thick layer of leaves to dry so that I can hopefully blow them with my new leaf blower I just bought. Raking too maybe, though the earth is soggy and it may do more harm than good for our newly sodded lawn and garden (from last summer). Everything is still so soggy, as our spring has been really wet and cold so far. Even walking around is problematic.

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