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Laila Treder

Love this kitchen! I really love the black and wood color scheme. Stylish, practical and warm! I would live in it.

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Barbara Wynd

We have done our island like this, the chairs are our daily ones, we look out on the lake and garden, and guests are loving the stools to join in on the ‘cooking show’ and enjoy the new kitchen….
When there is no one but us the stools neatly fit under the overhang and are out of the way and don’t disturb the view. The different leatherette on the stools match the sofas just out of sight on the right in that picture and the chairs are in a darker leatherette since they are used daily multiple times. After 2 years with this arrangement I have to say it is perfect for us!

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Blue Wren

I've long maintained that the best kitchen island is a dining table.


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