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Home Depot has what appears to be the same manufacturer (different brand) as Lowes.

The LEDs put out the heat; the electronics are 95% efficient. Some bulbs are rated for base down only so the power supply stays cooler. They have to insulate the line voltage, yet still get the heat out. Not an easy design, and sometimes the build quality is not so good, cold solder joints and not enough heat transfer compound. Buck and a half....

The mythical "50,000" hours is where a normally operated LED will dim to 70% or so, but it's still useful. That doesn't account for the power supply, accelerated failure rates due to heat, or the electrolytic capacitors drying out, or any number of catastrophic failures.

Try one, and if you don't like it put it in the cellar or the garage door opener. They will take a lot of vibration.

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Bruce Crawford

I've never had an LED failure. Some not rated for dimmers flickered, as I didn't know there were dimmer-rated bulbs & LED-rated dimmers. I had ceiling fixtures that used to eat incandescent refrigerator-sized bulbs due to heat. When small LEDs became available, I replaced incandescents w/ those. No problems. Great not having to get stepstool out & reaching over my head. I also put LED in garage as my wife tends to leave it on all night. Probably saved a ton of money on it alone. I have tube-type dimmable LEDs in my art lamp b/c they don't throw heat on canvas. I have LED Edison bulbs in my antique French-styled fixture in front bath.When I had my 45-y.o. Stiffel lamps reworked, I had them done to accept LEDs. They had the 3-"speed" switches before. In my den/study, I have two tracks w/ total of 9 globes, all now holding LEDs.

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We Q

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