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Example of a small classic enclosed kitchen design in Boston with stainless steel appliances, recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets and white backsplash

Classic City KitchenTraditional Kitchen, Boston

a small galley kitchen opens up to the Dining Room in a 19th century Row House

Example of a small classic enclosed kitchen design in Boston with stainless steel appliances, recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets and white backsplash —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (61)

susan_messinger wrote:Sep 22, 2011
  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    My clients love it - it has a flamed finish which is more protective - it is harder than soapstone, but, not as hard as granite. There are many products to clean it and bring back the luster. I think patinas are wonderful. Buy something you love and dont worry about it. Life is full of imperfections.
  • megsin
    What is the kitchen size in the picture?
bbellflower wrote:Sep 28, 2011
  • wolfhound
    Perfect kitchen for a tiny cottage I am restoring, is there a floorplan available.Thankyou
  • Lo Da
    is there a floor plan you might share
cams wrote:Oct 9, 2011
  • bepsf
    There may not be one - Not everyone finds a Microwave necessary, particularly in a small kitchen.
  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    HI Cams- sorry i did not see this sooner! My client requested a small microwave for this kitchen- so I made room for one in the far left cabinet to the left of the the hood. it is a std cabinet door (14" d uppers)- with a microwave sitting inside- such a low tech and easy solution.
cams wrote:Oct 9, 2011
  • bbellflower
    So wide open meaning... no shelves, no pull out's? Maybe the client is storing large items in those back corners that are not used very often. One would think it would be awkward to retrieve those items. None the less, this is an outstanding design and it's on my wish list for my future kitchen. Thank you for all your information. All your designs are beautiful! :)
  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    correct- she preferred awkwardness to losing the 2' x 2' corner "dead" space to the left of the dishwasher and to the right of the sink cabinet. best with your kitchen- i would be happy to design it for you :)
najs wrote:Feb 23, 2012
casynthia wrote:Mar 8, 2012
What type of tree or plant is on your countertop?

- I love it

  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    My client is a wonderful gardener and this is her beautiful plant. I know she shops at Haskell's in New Bedford, MA. I don't know what species it is.
nuisance wrote:Apr 27, 2012
Could you give me information on the vent hood?

susrieger wrote:May 9, 2012
what color paint was used on these cabinets?

djb2181 wrote:Jul 16, 2012
What model and dimension range is that?

behrycaj wrote:Aug 16, 2012
  • behrycaj
    Thank you very much. I really appreciate the suggestion and information!
  • remodelngideas
    What is the actual size of this kitchen? Where is the frig located ? I love your work.
hkflygirl wrote:Aug 28, 2012
where can i find this floor plan for this fabulous small galley kitchen. thank you.

  • hkflygirl
    Thank you so much! I haven't even started the project. getting ready to retile the floor throughout the house, at which time the kitchen will come down.
  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    This kitchen can be seen in the current season of TOH, Episode 1 - it is the next-door-neighbor tour in Episode One.
Laurie Beadle wrote:Sep 27, 2012
Where is the fridge placement?

  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    The fridge is just out of view on the right side - it is 24"w x 24" d. They have a 2nd fridge in the basement laundry room.
  • l1430
    Hi, do you know what brand of fridge? Thank you.
ericaweinberg wrote:Sep 28, 2012
What type of floor?

- What hardwood is that?

  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    The fir floor is original to this late 19th cent row house- it was covered with tile, but, once sanded and refinished - it looks antiqued and quite nice.
klieben wrote:Oct 6, 2012
Is the wall paint the same as the cabinets?

  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    Yes- we matched the wall color to the cabinetry color rather than adding another element in the room.
  • Alberta Long

    What color should the curtains be in the kitchen that is shown?

wendolynjoy wrote:Oct 11, 2012
boling wrote:Dec 16, 2012
Is the back splash just rectangular subway tile? Love the simple clean look!

  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    The back splash tile is a cream crackle tile by Waterworks. It is designed with slight imperfections to give it more of a hand-made quality.
Caroline Good wrote:Dec 30, 2012
sswyers wrote:Jan 26, 2013
  • Marilyn Maya Mendoza
    It is beautiful and I thought it was U shaped. My kitchen is similar with a bit more counter space and the window to the right
  • Cat
    Hello! I am planning a small u kitchen..any issue with not havong the 21 inches between th DW and the 90 degrees counter beside? Thanks
luvthecook wrote:Feb 1, 2013
  • PRO
    Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
    Hi, Pat, I would be happy to discuss your project. Let me know how to reach you by phone or email,
  • Marietta Simpson
    This design is absolutely amazing. I too have a Philadelphia row and am considering doing the same thing. Thank you for posting this.
sochockire wrote:Feb 1, 2013
what color was used on the walls?

    luvthecook wrote:Feb 11, 2013
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      The footprint of the home is 500 sq ft. I cant find the email address you shared with me the other day- let me know if you would like more information.
    beezers wrote:Mar 25, 2013
    what is the approximate cost?

    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      There are so many variables. This kitchen was done in conjunction with a full basement renovation. Check with a local design professional in your area for some guidelines.
    linda9 wrote:Apr 3, 2013
    What is the counter top

    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      Hi Linda, the counter top is Pietra Cardosa in a flamed finish, fabricated and installed by Louis Mian Marble in Boston.
    • dsacra
      is it 3cm?
    sunnydaysstarrynights wrote:May 21, 2013
    What line of cabinetry did you use? I love the clean look and the detail of the moulding under the sink!

    • PRO
    • Kristen S.
      Do you have the wall and trim colors available?

      We are thinking of spraying our cabinetry & upgrading the flooring and counters to our kitchen (see pic). Love your design!
    mjracette wrote:May 25, 2013
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      I would need more information to comment, ie cabinet color, counter top material, tile color/pattern/size. Good design results from many integrated decisions that combine to achieve a common goal.
    rxjumprope wrote:May 26, 2013
    randii wrote:Jun 6, 2013
    • condomary
      Do you have a picture of the area where you have the fridge?
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      I am sorry, I do not. The fridge is stainless and by Blomberg.
    Jeanne Exner wrote:Jun 17, 2013
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      The newel post was existing in this antique home. I have been able to recreate newels posts in past projects. A good woodworker can do that for you. Please email me if you would like to purchase a detailed sketch of it. I can create one for you. Jeanne
    • harrietdiener
      what kind of rug is in this kitchen
    Destiny Sny wrote:Jul 8, 2013
    • jeanennechung
      What is the size of the sink
    • edon1234
      Which stainless steel sink did you use? I am going to use a polished nickel faucet and am nervous about mixing with stainless steel. Did you find a stainless sink that did not clash as much with polished nickel? I would love to know which one! Thanks, so much!
    psh1974 wrote:Aug 4, 2013
    Like the counter tops. What material is it?

    funsize_shawty wrote:Aug 20, 2013
    funsize_shawty wrote:Aug 20, 2013
    tls123 wrote:Oct 14, 2013
    What kind of sink is it? Is it the same material as the countertop ?

    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      you may be able to build as shown above, and there will be a "well" in front of the window it will block some of the lower window, but, if it makes the function much better, it would be worth it.
    • valerierobinsonagain
      Is this a 24 in sink base cabinet? If so, please tell me about your sink as I am struggling to find a decent main sink for such a small cabinet.
    Jen Levy wrote:Nov 15, 2013
    • roseblue
      what is the size of the kitchen, wall to wall?
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      In this kitchen...there is no wall to wall width, as the left side opens up to the Dining Room. we planned this kitchen to have equal wall space on both sides of the window. The left side 18" deep upper cabinets. There is 42" between the base cabinets. The right side is a standard depth lower cabinet, 24"d.
    smithereene wrote:Dec 30, 2013
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      In this kitchen, we left the right side corner accessible through the sink cabinet. The homeowner will use as remote storage area for occasional use items.
    Jacqueline Turner wrote:Jan 8, 2014
    Really like this faucet. Do you know the brand?

    • normie94563
      Very similar to my Franke.
    • Wendy Conway
      Can you tell me how the Pietra Cardosa counters held up?
    jdbradley2014 wrote:Mar 1, 2014
    mollybones wrote:Mar 3, 2014
    Renee Hunt wrote:Mar 12, 2014
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      The kitchen is 42" between cabinets, overall 7'-6" x 11'. This kitchen can be seen on the current season of TOH, Episode 1 - toured by Kevin O'Connor.
    rddarragh wrote:Apr 18, 2014
    mmaxson222 wrote:Nov 12, 2014
    What type of range hood was installed ? I don't have access to outside

    luisa29 wrote:Nov 22, 2014
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      The kitchen is 42" between cabinets, overall 7'-6" x 11'. This kitchen can be seen on the current season of TOH, Episode 1 - toured by Kevin O'Connor.
    Jodi Peasley wrote:Dec 16, 2014
    • Jane Clayton

      This is also similar to the size of my kitchen. I have a peninsula on the left with the dishwasher underneath. It is challenging loading it though. Nice job!

    • Emily Mathis

      What a gorgeous renovation! I arrived here because I also have a tight space and was looking at others. One question: how on earth do you load the dishwasher while standing at the sink?

    washingtanna wrote:Dec 19, 2014
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
      hi - the refrigerator is outside the photo, next to the drawers on the far right side of the photo - the homeowner purchased a counter-depth Blomberg .
    Abhey Gupta wrote:Jan 19, 2015
    • mvigneau
      I don't see any dimensions listed
    • lindamarie1

      No dimensions anywhere?

    Debby Lamb wrote:May 18, 2015
    Any idea doe L shape with 5'x4' walls

    - Need idea for small L shape kitchenette each wall 5'

    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design

      I would need to see plans of the space - I am happy to help you via internet, dropbox, and paypal...feel free to contact me!

    lisabelle7 wrote:Sep 6, 2015
    • PRO
      Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design

      Hi...it is a Rohl faucet. The cabinets are custom designed by me, and they were custom made by a local cabinet-maker.

    lulubb wrote:Sep 27, 2015
    what color are the cabinets

      Lacey Gray wrote:Nov 24, 2015
      Where is the microwave

      - Beautiful kitchen!

      kim_howard wrote:Dec 6, 2015
      • PRO
        Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design

        HI Kim,

        Sorry..I always seem to miss these "unanswered questions"... it is Mayonnaise by Ben Moore. You are likely done with you project by now!

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