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Entryway - traditional black floor entryway idea in Montreal with a black front door
Wow Great Place
Wow Great Place
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Front Entry with Black DoorsTraditional Entry, Montreal

This is the project we show clients when we suggest they paint their doors black, though they usually look at us like we are crazy. Then they see the result of this wonderful front foyer, and grab the paintbrush!

Entryway - traditional black floor entryway idea in Montreal with a black front door —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (37)

janpurther wrote:May 5, 2012
What is wall color and finish of black

- What is name of wall color and what finish of black?

  • Jess Feliciano
    What would the equivalent jetblack color be at SW?
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    I have no idea. Ask Sherwin Williams, they likely have the formula, even though it is a BenMoore colour.

    Ideal is to do a tester to be sure you like it in person.

penny still wrote:May 22, 2012
the upstairs doors can be seen from my foyer, do i have to paint those doors as well?

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    In this particular house, we only did the back of the front door and the closet doors. The home is a split level, so other doors were still visible, and we decided to keep them white.

    I think the black adds a hit of elegance, without screaming for attention, and it is up to you to decide how many doors you want to do. I would suggest (if this is the case for you,) that you do all the doors on one floor in black (this house had no other doors on the same floor, all were a half-flight up or down stairs to bedrooms or basement.)

    Alternatively, we have had clients paint only french doors (glass doors) in black, and leave all other solid doors in white. This way, the eye sees through the glass in the door, since black kind of "disappears", and actually makes the door less noticeable.

    With black doors, I would start small, say just the inside of the front door, and see whether you love it. Many clients have tried this, and they end up leaving just the front door like that, or they go for the whole enchilada and paint every door in the house!

    Have fun painting!!
Rita wrote:Jul 21, 2012
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Yes, the windows are textured. Here is another photo to illustrate that better:
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    I just sent this link to another Houzzer who had a similar request....this company sells at various retailers throughout North America (and through Home Depot in Canada). If you scroll through the slide show, the last one, called "Rice paper" is a close match to the effect on these windows. A roll is less than $50, and is easily applied, and also easily removed in case you change your mind.
aellistx wrote:Oct 6, 2012
  • nsafonso

    Do you know what grout color you used between the floor tile? I would like to do something similar and would like the grout to blend with the tiles as much as possible.

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    We used a dark charcoal grout. Not sure the exact shade, since there are many grout companies out there, and the exact info is not in the file. Grout comes in a limited number of colours, so it shouldn't be too tricky to find a shade that works with the tile you selected.

Sally wrote:Oct 27, 2012
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Hi Sally,
    I can't remember the colour of the outside of this house, as the project was a few years ago, however I do remember that we selected to paint the street side of this front door in a deep plum/purple hue.
    If you post a photo of the front of your house in the "design dilemmas" section of the Discussions, I am sure you'll get some feedback on whether black on your front door would be the right colour.
    I am a huge fan of black doors, so regardless of the outside of your home, black doors can be a fantastic look on the inside of most homes!
    Good luck in your project!
traciell wrote:Oct 28, 2012
Can you tell me which white works best on the trim with the black doors? Thank you :-)

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    I went back in the file, and for this particular project, we used a paint from C2 called Architectural White. You may want to get samples of these whites (the C2 and the Benjamin Moore's) to compare in your own home, as you may like a softer, creamier white, or you may like a crisp, sharp white....hard to say without seeing them in person against your red!
  • traciell
    Thank you so much for your time!
tabatha2010 wrote:Dec 1, 2012
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    The wall colour is called Paper Clip, by a paint company called C2. Also, you may have noticed the large 12 x 24 tile size. This is a great trick to help small spaces feel larger (fewer grout lines makes a space feel less busy.)
starsboys wrote:Jan 26, 2013
What kind of paint would you suggest for doors so they don't "stick" to the door frame? Thank you!

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Painting is a tricky process, especially with doors.

    Ideally, the door should be removed from the hinges for easier painting, and should be allowed to dry COMPLETELY before being reinstalled (interior doors)

    For exterior doors, paint on a gorgeous day, so the door can stay in the open position as long as possible, and pay attention to the paint manufacturer's recommendations on what temperature to paint at, as the time of year when weather dips below freezing is not a great time to paint.

    Also, make sure you prep the door with the proper primer and use the right PAINT for the door!
    Different paints are formulated for different surfaces, so ask for advice at your paint shop for the best type of paint to use, as well as what type of primer. You may likely need to sand the door beforehand so the paint and primer have better adhesion, but again, depends on whether you are painting wood, metal, time of year, oil vs latex, etc.
helps wrote:Feb 2, 2013
Can the door hardware be shiny brass or should it be changed to antique brass?

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    In this case, the homeowner kept the exterior door handle as is (for now) which is a shiny brass. They will eventually change it to satin nickel, like the closet doors, but truly, there is no hard and fast rule! Go with what you love!
    If I had to choose a brass, I prefer the warm undertones of an antique brass vs the shiny brass, but that is also a personal preference.
sabrinaago wrote:Feb 9, 2013
Can you paint PDF doors black or does it have to be wood?

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    These particular closet doors are actually done in MDF. The front door is steel. You can paint pretty much anything these days, it is just a matter of getting the right formulation of paint.
    Be sure to tell your paint supplier what you plan to paint, and they will advise on proper surface preparation so you get the best outcome!
valentinem wrote:Feb 21, 2013
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Unfortunately I don't have the details on the tile in the file. I believe it was a slate (dark grey) in a 12x24 size, but I am not 100% sure.....
  • Sympathetic in Savannah
    Looks like Marazzi Soho.
Cynthia Francisco wrote:Mar 7, 2013
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    This door was actually painted a different colour on the exterior, as the black would not have worked with the exterior finishes on the house.
    It's up to you if you want to paint both sides of a door, though be sure you do so during nice weather, when the door can be left ajar for the paint to dry properly.
    In this case, the narrow edges of the door were also painted black.
    You can certainly tackle the job yourself, if you are a good painter, but please ask at your local paint store about the proper preparation for your door, as you will likely need a special primer and/or special paint for this type of material so it adheres properly. You may also require a particular brush or foam roller to avoid brush marks.
    Not a clue what a professional painter would charge for a job like this, as rates for painters vary by geographic region, years of experience, and complexity of a job (or lack thereof, as sometimes small jobs are less appealing)
    Good luck to you!
Philippe Ouimet wrote:Apr 1, 2013
Love the closet door. Where is it from ?

  • amanda eaton
    what are the details on the entryway tile? where is it from and how much?
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Hi Amanda,
    I'm sorry, but the tile details are not in the file. I presume it was a dark grey slate, 12x24, but that's all I remember. Sorry about that!
czmzxx wrote:Apr 25, 2013
Where did you purchase the console table

  • andreitap
    what colour did u paint the walls?
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    The wall colour is by C2, and the colour is called Paper Clip.
ladyreesr wrote:May 19, 2013
Is different color on the interior doors on one side ok?

- I just want the look in the hallways and entry way.

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Absolutely okay! In fact, this door is a shade of purple on the outside!
sdemarchena wrote:Jun 29, 2013
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Your best bet is to search the Houzz photos, enter the keywords "floating wall desk or table" and see what comes up.
    Lots of floating shelves out there, but not sure about tables and desks, as that needs to be very well anchored into the wall.
    You may be best to hire a cabinetmaker in your area and have one made and installed for you.
go2srp wrote:Aug 14, 2013
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    If I remember correctly, these were picked up at Home Sense in Ottawa, Ontario, but this was several years ago.
Jen wrote:Aug 21, 2013
  • Sylvia Burns
    Is this sprayed or brushed on?
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Not sure, it was a few years ago. The contractor either sprayed the closet doors in his shop before installing them, or painted them with a foam roller.
amske wrote:Sep 3, 2013
  • aonassis
    I'm new to this sorry. :) Thank you
  • julieharrison
    If you like this color, you would also like Benjamin Moore Prescott Green.
marykalcic wrote:Oct 2, 2013
valzaniafamily wrote:Oct 12, 2013
where can I purchase this lovely console table?

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Hi there,
    Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, that information is not in the file. This project was completed several years ago, and the purchase would have been made at a retail store in Ottawa, Ontario. You could always show the photo to a cabinetmaker and have it custom made?
  • PRO
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    any door design you would like in Mahogany. If you are interested,
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Kelley Long Thrush wrote:Jan 17, 2014
  • Joanne Dailey Trouerbach
    I have the old 50's slab doors in my ranch home. Is this door on the left just trimmed with some sort of molding ? I don't really want to buy new doors if I can use the ones I already have.
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Yep, it is a flat slab door with a moulding applied!
libretti wrote:Mar 23, 2014
  • aonassis
    my (typo) sorry. :)
  • faye0320
    Completely agree...black front door is classic, we just installed our black front door. Looks so elegant.
Rue B wrote:Apr 23, 2014
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    No. The hinges are in black, the doorknobs are in stainless (on the closet doors)
    What an eagle eye you have!
02453 wrote:Aug 19, 2014
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    It is a 12x24 slate tile, in a charcoal grey, and no, it was not installed on top of the hardwood. The subfloor happened to be at the same level as the hardwood, so the client was okay with the slight height difference.
Sudo wrote:Oct 7, 2014
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Hi Sudo,
    That information is not in the file, but based on the tiles in the photo, which were 12"x24", the tiled area was approximately 4'6" x 8'
    Is that the dimension you were looking for?
Dory Doud wrote:Nov 30, 2014
  • Andre Beluchi

    Would you know how thick the glass in the door would be. I'm thinking about replacing my front door with a new one because someone broke into the glass of my door. Luckily my dog was near the door when that happened and now I'm wanting to a door with thicker glass. http://www.archdesignwd.com 

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    I have absolutely no idea! The door and window were in place when we were hired, we just painted the door. Ask a door company that does side lights they recommend for front doors, I am sure you can buy stronger glass.

elancaster12 wrote:Jan 4, 2015
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place
    Thanks so much for noticing, and for the wonderful compliment! While I do not normally offer e-design services, (I have enough on my plate with my in-person work) why don't you message me privately (hit the "contact me" button on my profile page) and give me a sense of what you need done?
    Who knows, I may be able to take this on, or can perhaps steer you in a direction to get the ball rolling!
    Happy New Year to you!
  • PRO
    ETO Doors

    If you need Solid, Contemporary, Fiberglass, White Primed, French, Interior, Entry, Barn or Traditional doors, go to http://www.etodoors.com or call (888)Door ETO.

Cindy Ernst wrote:Feb 13, 2016
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    These doors were done in a satin finish.

Joshua Asherian wrote:Apr 10, 2016
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    These doors were done in Benjamin Moore's Jet Black. Finish is satin.

marykalcic wrote:Jul 26, 2016
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    You can try a good quality foam roller, to eliminate brush marks, but I suggest you ask at a paint store if they can suggest something specific for you!

terifili wrote:Sep 10, 2016
Window covering?

- What is it!

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    This is a textured frosted glass that was already in place when we met the homeowner, so I can not give any specifics on it. Sorry about that!

l01arc wrote:Feb 10, 2017
Is this a semi gloss paint?

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    No, this is a satin finish.

Beth Antrim wrote:Jul 12, 2017
Should I paint front door same color as porch furniture?

- Yellow furniture

  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    You will get more relevant responses if you post this question with a picture of your own front porch.

sholw wrote:Jan 24, 2018
  • teamaltese
    Aqua is more informal. I’d stay with the dark, rich brown you already have. It looks warm and welcoming.
  • PRO
    Wow Great Place

    Hi sholw, you will get more thoughtful and relevant responses to your question if you post a photo of the actual space you are referring to. This is a photo of one of my projects, so it makes responders think you are inquiring about THIS space. Try creating a new post, and take a photo or two of your home to get better replies.

Berkley Dixon wrote:Sep 24, 2018
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