The Salsa House rustic-shed
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The Salsa House Rustic Shed, Melbourne

Louise Lakier Photography © 2012 Houzz
Inspiration for a rustic detached shed remodel in Melbourne — Houzz

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milodog0307 wrote:
why is this little bathroom in the middle of now where - a toilet place in a jungle?
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Do you know if these can be purchased instead of rented? I have a pool, but really not much space for an outdoor bathroom.. this would be perfect instead of having people go through my house with wet suits and such to use the bathroom.
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I think its adorably quaint. As I was looking at it, on the side, I had the impression that the wood is just for show to give that retro feel. I would make a door and put in an impermeable material between the toilet and the handwashing station, install a sink with running water and soap and hand creams, ensuring that both the toilet and the handwashing station were very separate and impeccably clean. Add a few magazines and a very comfortable toilet seat with white pvc everywhere on the walls and, voila! Just another clean, welcoming private space but in the wild.

kristinminkamping wrote:
Bathroom? - Does it fit one or two people? Sometimes our house gets a little backed up.

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Louise Lakier added this to My Houzz: Small, Vivid Island Home in Washington
The Airstream does not have a fully functioning commode, so the couple built an outhouse in the woods.
Mitchell Parker added this to Survive Your Home Remodel: 11 Must-Ask Questions
7. Where will everyone go to the bathroom?Chances are, if you’re remodeling one bathroom, you’ll have a powder room or another bathroom to use. But think about how long you’ll be sharing a bathroom with your family members. Also, your contractor and workers will need a place to go as well, and it’s not recommended that you open up a downstairs powder room to a cadre of construction workers. What to do: Get a portable bathroom for workers. Conrado says a portable toilet costs about $100 a month, and there are higher-end versions for homeowners if you’re doing a remodel that will knock all your bathrooms out of commission.
Brenna Malmberg added this to Houzz Call: Show Us Your Bygone Home Features
Outhouse. Before indoor plumbing and flush toilets, people used an outhouse. Some still occasionally turn to this bathroom. That was the case for a Washington couple who lived in an Airstream and used an outhouse in the woods while they constructed their Salsa House. Your turn: Share your bygone home feature stories and photos in the Comments section!

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abbysmith218 added this to Little House in the Foothills
Its a real outhouse. thats pretty cool.
crsuser245 added this to bathrooms
The Airstream does not have a fully functioning commode, so the couple built an outhouse in the woods.
marie56rw added this to New Bathroom
Our new bathroom, solved all the design issues!!!!

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