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If you’re looking for a way to add functional seating to your home, consider a bench. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, they’re a great solution for bedrooms, entryways and other small spaces that need a place to sit or some additional storage. If you’ve spotted a place in your home that could benefit from a bench, you’ve come to the right place. While on your quest for the perfect bench, keep in mind the following tips:

Where can I utilize a bench?

Benches may seem like informal pieces of furniture you’d find at the park, but you’d be surprised at how many uses they can have in the home. Contemporary styles can add seating to a living room, or a more rustic bench can be the perfect complement to a country-style kitchen table. Have a great, oversized window looking out at a beautiful view? Outfit it with a bench. Can’t seem to find a coffee table that fits your lengthy, sleek-lined sofa? A bench may be the perfect solution.

What type of bench should I consider?

Want more seating space in your family room but lacking space? A lounge bench will open up the room while still serving your desired function. A decorative accent bench can liven up an entryway or provide a stylish holding ground for wayward clothes in the bedroom. A bench with a lid can ease storage qualms in the playroom. Dying to pull out Grandma’s antique vanity from the attic? A bench will provide seating that can easily tuck away to prevent distraction from a larger piece. Benches are a great way to sneak in extra storage. Consider choosing a chest-style bench with a hinged-top to hide pillows and blankets in the family room. Shelf and cubby benches have open sides that are great for books or movies, while some benches come with compartments perfect for shoes.

What size works best for me?

To determine this, start by thinking what other furniture pieces the bench will be complementing. Is it going to be an accent bench in the hallway? Be sure it’s not too wide to interrupt foot traffic, yet wide enough to be functional. Will it be used as seating at a dining room table? Consider how many people you want it to fit, as well as whether it’s in proportion with the table itself.

Should I consider adding cushions or upholstering my bench?

This comes down to style preference and comfort needs. If you’re planning to use it in the family room as a place to relax and watch television, then you’ll want a padded surface that will maximize comfort. However, if your bench is in the mud room and it’s primary use is a spot to tie your shoes, a solid surface may be a better fit.