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Although picking the right brackets might seem like a throw-away decision, the quality and design of your wall, shelf, mounting and handrail brackets can help reinforce your precious items and support your space's style. Whether you're hanging a shelf or installing a wall-mounted TV, there is handy and sturdy hardware for every task. Here are some helpful tips to get your shopping started.

What do I need brackets for?

You might not realize it, but brackets are common hardware additions found in most spaces. They are commonly used to solidify wall shelves in your living room, home office or bedroom. Brackets are frequently used for mounting handrails, as well as reinforcing a wall-mounted TV. Sliding barn doors also require this kind of hardware, and floating kitchen bar countertops oftentimes need more stability. In the end, brackets can be used anywhere that more support is needed, which is why they are so handy.

What should my brackets look like?

Many shelves, doors and TVs come with hardware included, but these brackets might not be of the quality or style that you desire. If you want to go above and beyond the traditional options, many pairs come in a variety of patterns or finishes. More traditional brackets often include an ornate pattern, and can be gold, silver or white. On the other hand, contemporary options are often sleek with sharp lines and minimal ornamentation, and come in black or silver metal. Most high-quality brackets are metal, but oftentimes plastic or wood can work if the piece they're supporting isn't too heavy.