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Sputnik Chandeliers

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Sputnik and starburst chandeliers channel a satellite-esque look with radiating arms, sometimes capped by round bulbs. Influenced by the form of atoms bursting out from a center point, this light fixture gives off some serious space-age vibes. The iconic design of these chandeliers is just the right hint of midcentury retro to fit in all sorts of styles, from eclectic, modern, contemporary and even industrial. Learn about the different options for sputnik lights below to welcome the perfect one into your home.

Light Bulbs

When you decide to hang a sputnik light fixture in your home, one thing is for sure: you won’t have to worry about getting enough light in the space! With so many bulbs concentrated on a single fixture, it’s no wonder this bright design is commonly referred to as a starburst chandelier. You do have options to help customize the look of the fixture to suit the style you’re going for. Less bulbs will give you a more modern feel, while more bulbs and spikes will ramp up the funky vibe. If industrial is what you want, swap out the typically round bulbs for edison style ones. Similarly, frosted or opaque light bulbs will help ramp up a midcentury or contemporary vibe, while clear light bulbs can help achieve an eclectic style.


Just as a light bulb can change the style of a fixture, so can the right finish. Chrome will look the most retro and stay true to the sputnik chandelier’s Atomic Age origin. A gold or brass fixture provides a contemporary take on midcentury design, while a finish like pewter can elevate a timeless, classic design without feeling too showy. Black will give you a modern twist on this spherical shape while maintaining the Space Race style. Regardless of the finish or color you decide on, you’ll definitely be investing in something unique that feels at once old and futuristic.