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When it comes to home design, hallways are often overlooked and underutilized. They might not be the most important spaces in a home, but this transitional area can be both functional and beautiful! Enhance your hallway with picture frames, artwork and rugs, or add storage with shelves and bookcases. So stop glazing over your hallways; with just a few hall products, you can turn a bland space into some valuable square footage.

Get creative with your wall art.

Although floor space might be tight, there is one thing in a hallway that you have lots of: walls. Be sure to thoroughly use them by hanging photographs and artwork. This is the place to piece together that trendy photo collage by experimenting with frame sizes, colors and shapes. Or showcase your prestigious art collection by hanging works from your favorite painters. You can even add mirrors to give off the illusion of a much larger room or hang hooks and racks for extra coat storage. The options are endless!

Let in the light.

Hallways rarely have windows, so natural light is hard to come by. Make sure you’re not walking around in the dark by installing some quality lighting. Wall sconces work well because they take up minimal space and bring a hint of decor to an otherwise sparsely decorated locale. If you’re looking for something more eye catching, a chandelier or a few flush ceiling lights can give the spot a sophisticated touch.

Don’t forget the floor.

Easily add some flavor to this typically dull spot by throwing a colorful runner rug into the mix. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of color, and the length of the rug will help elongate the narrow room.

Save space with built-ins.

Even though hallway built-ins might not immediately come to mind, a built-in bookcase can help you save space, especially if you live in close quarters. Shelves will give the room purpose, and you’ll get some extra storage without wasting valuable living room real estate.