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Coat Racks and Umbrella Stands

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After a bit of wintry- or rainy-day fun, it’s nice to know you have a place where you can tuck your jackets and umbrellas away. A coat stand with an umbrella stand is the perfect solution. These nifty additions to your entryway create essential storage without taking over an excessive amount of space. With graceful hooks and unique flair, they can also add a touch of style. You can even use your coat hooks as a display stand for your most envyworthy outer garments. If you’re considering adding functionality to your entryway with a coat stand, keep these helpful tips in mind:

Where should I put my coat stand or umbrella stand?

One of the best locations may be the most obvious: near the front door. This is the perfect spot for hanging guests’ coats and stashing their umbrellas, and if you yourself like to go out and about even on a rainy day, you can also take advantage of this prime location. A coat stand in this location gets bonus points for keeping your entryway tidy plus adding a bit of decorative flair. If your entryway is lacking space for a coat hanger and an umbrella stand, other high-traffic areas of the house can work just as well (and you’ll still get those bonus points).

What style of coat hooks or umbrella holder do I want?

Coat stands have been around for generations of clothing styles, so it’s safe to assume that there’s a plethora of designs and options available. These functional yet decorative pieces come in every style under the sun, from traditional to modern, wood to metal. While searching for your coat stand, keep in mind how you’ll use it. If you’re looking for a functional piece that will be constantly laden with heavy coats, opt for a heavy-duty design with a plethora of hooks and an umbrella stand built into the bottom. If your coat stand will serve a more decorative purpose, choose one with an attractive and unique silhouette that matches the theme of your entryway or home.