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Creating the perfect home or room entrance is accomplished by using stylish door hardware. From door knobs to lion door knockers to snazzy electronic door locks, you have a wide range of options to enhance your door design while simultaneously strengthening your home security. Browse the door hardware below and find all the essentials you need to create an exceptional entry.

What kind of door hardware do I need to alert me when I have visitors?

Doorbells and chimes and door knockers are meant for specific exterior doors where you can expect a fair amount of visitors (i.e. a front door), and you’ll want to be alerted to their arrival. A doorbell can also come with an intercom, which allows visitors to actually talk to you from outside your home. A more old school method — and more modernly used as a decor option — is the door knocker. Door knockers are usually comprised of metal rings attached to a base that then affixes to the door; the base can come in a variety of unique shapes and designs, ranging from animal heads to gargoyles to abstract shapes.

What kind of barn door hardware do I need?

Sliding door hardware is much different than traditional door hardware. If you’re planning on installing your barn door yourself, then a hardware kit is a necessity; these kits typically include a rail, door roller, door stop, wall bracket, screws and a floor guide. If your current sliding door situation has become rough, consider replacing the rollers. Lastly, pulls are the doorknobs of barn doors. They are usually comprised of metal and are heavy-duty enough that you can smoothly slide open and close your barn door (or doors).

Do I want a door entry set, door lever or doorknob?

A door handle is the accent of any door (and one of the most used pieces of door hardware!), so consider a piece that is complementary to your home. For highly accessible exterior entrances, homeowners typically choose entry door handlesets over doorknobs or levers, as handlesets utilize a deadbolt mechanism to provide a higher level of security. Additionally, they are now available in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing shapes and designs to complement your home’s exterior. Door levers are typically used for interior rooms like closets and bedrooms, and can range from simple handles to levers with locking mechanisms. Doorknobs can be used on both interior and exterior doors, and are typically the most aesthetically diverse of your door handle options. If security is your top concern, you can also always install an additional door lock.

What’s the difference between exterior and interior door handles?

In order to survive harsh outdoor conditions and ensure longevity, door knobs should be composed of a sturdy material that is designed to prevent tarnishing and early wear. Interior door handles can rely more on your preferred aesthetic. Metals, like chrome are extremely resistant to tarnishing and brass is often used because of its attractive tarnishing. Rustic metals, or even antique handles, can be used for a worn in and aged approach, but preventing rust will be more of an issue. Other materials like stone, glass or ceramic are also commonly used, but primarily only for interior door handles.