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In a time where electronic doorbells are all the rage, bringing it back to reality with a solid door knocker will keep the tradition alive. Whether you’re carrying on a cultural tradition or simply looking to add some style to your front door, guests will get a kick out of announcing their presence by rapping on your door with a solid piece of metal. Take your time shopping for the perfect front door knocker for your home, it can make a lasting impression on visitors, plus you’ll have to see it each time you come and go.

Pick a Theme

Unique door knockers aren’t hard to find — there’s something out there for everyone. If you can’t quite decide which direction you want to go in, these common themes may help steer you one way or the other:

  • Simple: An unadorned ring or sleek rectangle design are clean and modern additions to any front door that won’t detract from or compete with any other surrounding decor.
  • Pineapple: More than just a tropical vibe, pineapple door knockers actually symbolize that the homeowners are welcoming you into their abode. You’ll find them on doors of homes ranging from traditional to eclectic, so don’t be shy!
  • Lion: For a regal vibe, try adding a lion’s head knocker. It’s just the right combination of friendly and fierce. For something more playful, look for other animal themes, like cat, fox or bird knockers.
  • Skull: This theme may feel a bit foreboding, but it’s actually quite popular, believe it or not. You’re sure to make a statement with a skull on your door!
  • Nautical: Literally anchor your front door with something maritime themed, like an anchor, shell, sea creature or a ship’s wheel.

Finalize the Finish

Door knockers are typically made from metal, since they need to have enough weight and force to make a loud sound. Cast iron tends to be a particularly popular metal for this sort of front door adornment, due to its weight, strength and resistance to normal wear and tear. You can find cast iron coated in a variety of finishes, or opt for the raw, black iron color itself. Brass is also a very popular material and finish and will stand out against most door colors with its golden hue, whether it’s polished and shiny or has an antique effect. If you’re going for something less flashy, black knockers will also make a statement, especially against a lighter door. For a more subdued finish, look for bronze door knockers. Oil rubbed and antique bronze will let a hint of the metallic undertones shine through, which can complement multiple styles. For something cooler in the metal family, nickel is your go-to. Brushed or satin nickel gives off a sleek, yet sophisticated vibe that doesn’t draw too much attention.