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You can easily add a touch of warmth and coziness to any room with a well-placed basket. These highly versatile accessories come in all shapes, sizes and materials, such as wicker baskets and wire baskets. Take a peek at how you can perfect your living space with these delightful adornments:

How can I incorporate storage baskets into my house?

You can easily add a basket to any room, whether for decorative or storage purposes. A wicker basket with liners works well as a container — simply place it in a shelving unit or closet to maximize your space. Decorative baskets add a touch of coziness when placed in your living room. You can even try turning a woven basket on its side and fastening it to the wall for an easy and stylish shelving solution.

What kind of decorative basket material should I choose?

Natural materials can range from sleek and modern to traditional and eclectic. Wicker baskets are one of the most popular choices — and for good reason — but you can choose an eco-friendly bamboo basket for a similarly organic effect. The sturdier composition of wire and plastic baskets also makes them perfect heavy-duty options, but they can be used to add a dash of style as well. Accentuate a rustic-style kitchen with country baskets or even hanging baskets filled with eggs or produce, and help your child keep their playroom tidy while adding pops of color with brightly colored plastic baskets.

What size basket should I buy?

Size depends on what kind of space you’re filling as well as the size of the items you’d like to store, if any. Store bathroom products, craft items or even snacks in a small basket, and collect all those office files, toys and more in medium-sized ones. Upgrade to the next size and you’ve got storage baskets that are a great place to stash cozy winter blankets or extra pillows. Some even come in nested sets, so you get a combo of small, medium and large all in one space-saving package. Others come with lids and even handles, which makes them a go-to solution for transporting items.